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Notes From The Team At Naiise.

  • Christmas Gift Ideas at Naiise
    December 6, 2022

    Christmas Gift Ideas | at Naiise

    Yay! Gifting season is here again. 

    Beyond just gifting - either for the sake of gift exchange or out of courtesy - “ oof : ( “ -  at Naiise we believe that every gift should be meaningful. It should also attempt to create memorable moments for the recipients, such that memories are created. 

    If you are still trying to figure out what to get for your family and friends this gifting season, here are some of our suggestions:

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  • Naiise Lifestyle : Sustainable Living - One Conscious Step at a Time
    March 22, 2022

    Naiise Lifestyle : Sustainable Living - One Conscious Step at a Time

    Sustainability as a concept has taken on a far greater meaning in our society. Beyond just being a concept, sustainable living has evolved into a lifestyle choice. To some, it is a choice that guides the way, how, one lives and or attempt to reduce the use of the Earth’s natural resources. For other’s, it is a holistic approach to how society should live in harmony with natural resources so that everyone, including future generations can enjoy social justice and a high quality of life. 

    At Naiise, we share the view that each action and decision that one takes has an impact on the  environment. So if you are like us, who truly believe that every small conscious step (taken towards being environmentally friendly), is a step towards a better environment, check out these brands to inspire your journey:
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  • Holiday Travel Essentials
    March 14, 2022

    Holiday Travel Essentials

    It’s been 2 years since most of us have travelled out of the country. Recently, it was announced that more vaccinated travel lanes (VTLs) have opened up, thus enabling Singaporeans to plan the much needed holiday overseas. If you are like us 😆, itching to plan that next trip, we feel you!  So while you are contemplating that next destination - be it for a holiday or a trip to reconnect with family and friends overseas - we recommend these must-have travel essentials from Naiise to complete or complement your luggage contents!

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