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Christmas Gift Ideas || at Naiise

16 of 24 Christmas Gift Ideas at Naiise

Last week to Christmas

If you are still thinking what to get for your loved ones & friends, we have you covered. At Naiise we believe that every gift should be meaningful. It should also attempt to create memorable moments for the recipients, such that memories are created. 

Check out our gifting suggestions:

Hotel Series Diffusers Budle | $75.90

Upcycled Playing Cards | $158.00

By Pristine Aroma

By Rehyphen

Nest Pet Bed | $109.00

Xmas Candle Bundle | $24.90

By Zest Livings

By Haus of Whimsy

Quirky Fridge Magnets (Each) | $3.90

Weaved Inspired Earrings | $24.90

By The Super Blessed

By Forest Jewelry

Local Slang Tees | From $37.45

Classic Campbells Prints |  $50.00

By Wet Tee

By Big Red Chilli

TOUTE x Ann Choi Totes | $35.00

Suction Mug | $39.90

By Toute by Maisonette1977

By InnovAid

Cute 2023 Calendars | $15.00

Kids Educational Toys | $139.00

By Farrell, IA Designs

By Little Happy Haus

Dim Sum Inspired Kids Tees | $34.95

Pineapple Tart Cushions | $32.90

By Dorveille

By Nom & Co

Vegan Dressing Bundle | $20.50

Organic Bird’s Nest | $158.00

By Green Butchery

By LENE Bird’s Nest


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