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Christmas Gift Ideas | at Naiise

8 of 24 Christmas Gift Ideas at Naiise

Yay! Gifting season is here again. 

Beyond just gifting - either for the sake of gift exchange or out of courtesy - “ oof : ( “ -  at Naiise we believe that every gift should be meaningful. It should also attempt to create memorable moments for the recipients, such that memories are created. 

If you are still trying to figure out what to get for your family and friends this gifting season, here are some of our suggestions:

Wellness Wonderland Bundle, Innerfyre Co, $96

Perfect gift box for your loved ones. You will never go wrong with scents, fragrances & teas. This unique gift set includes a choice of candle made from sustainable coconut-rice bran wax blend, and a choice of herbal tea blend. Also includes wick trimmer and tea infusers

Couple Card Game, A Year of Us, $42 

The couple card game by A Year of Us was designed for partners to bond better. It features 52 sets (well it's for 52 weeks that's why it's called  A Year of Us - duhh) of questions & activities to help couples learn more about each other in more meaningful & holistic way.  

Christmas Plantable Seed Pencils, Purple & Pure, $12

Hohoho! Ever thought what palatable seed pencils are? These pencils come with plantable seeds that allow you plant them (in the soil) and grow them into herbs. Creative gifts for your loved ones while doing good for the environment! One pencil at a time! 

Hello Santa Earrings, Paperdaise Accessories, $15.80

If you are thinking of something cute, how about these santa earrings from Paperdaise Accessories. These handcrafted earrings are designed with love and dedication. Each piece is made-to-order, so no 2 pieces are alike! 

Parrot Christmas Card, Changi Chowk, $5.90

Need a card to go along with the Christmas gift from Naiise? Add on a cute and funny christmas card from Changi Chowk. Be it a parrot or a flamingo with Santa's hat, it will be sure to make the recipient laugh! Hohoho.

Christmas Soap Bundle of 10, alletsoap, $80

Functional gifts this gifting season instead? How about a pairing of hand & bath soap for your families & friends? The Christmas bundle from alletsoap comes individually wrapped in kraft paper, tied with botanical plants and comes with a greeting card. 5 of each soap.

e-Gift Cards, Naiise, from $50

Sometimes the good ‘ol gift card does the trick. Not sure what to give? Naiise offers our limited edition e-gift cards in denominations of $50, $100 and $150. Its retail therapy for the lucky recipient as they discover unique gifts from our local creative brands.

Wellness Gift Set, Lagom Singapore, $50  

A gift set that is meaningful yet functional, “Lagom” is a Swedish concept which means “just enough”. Inspired by it, Lagom Singapore was founded with the aim of encouraging a zero-waste lifestyle. Perfect gift for the conscious shopper! #sustainableliving 

Check back for our next instalment of suggestions in our next post. Stay tuned.

Thank you for supporting our local sellers.

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