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Naiise Lifestyle : Sustainable Living - One Conscious Step at a Time

Naiise Lifestyle : Sustainable Living

Sustainability as a concept has taken on a far greater meaning in our society. Beyond just being a concept, sustainable living has evolved into a lifestyle choice. To some, it is a choice that guides the way, how, one lives and or attempt to reduce the use of the Earth’s natural resources. For other’s, it is a holistic approach to how society should live in harmony with natural resources so that everyone, including future generations can enjoy social justice and a high quality of life. 

At Naiise, we share the view that each action and decision that one takes has an impact on the  environment. So if you are like us, who truly believe that every small conscious step (taken towards being environmentally friendly), is a step towards a better environment, check out these brands to inspire your journey: 

Naiise_Zero Waste Starter Set_Purple & Pure   

Zero Waste Starter Pack, Purple & Pure, $42

If you are thinking where to start, we suggest the zero waste starter pack by Purple & Pure. It contains reusable bags perfect for your daily barang-barang and get you started on a zero waste shopping lifestyle.

Naiise_Reuseable Rounds_Neis Haus

Reusable Facial Rounds, Neis Haus, $15.90 

Neis Haus produces eco-friendly, sustainable and toxin-free products as an alternative to plastics. The reusable facial rounds (above) are the perfect alternative to disposal cotton balls and pads. 

Naiise_Java Eco Project

Java Eco, $17 - $110

Java Eco Project is a social enterprise established in Singapore with the aim of reducing waste through upcycling of products. Through community programs in Indonesia, it elevates the lives of the community in West Java by sponsoring education and health care needs.


Ecobar, $4.95 - $22.95

Chemical-free hair and body care products from Ecobar are formulated without any sulphates, parabens or silicones. The eco-friendly products are also made from natural ingredients and 100% biodegradable, vegan and free from animal testing.

Naiise_Natural Deodorant_Smood

Natural Deodorant, Smood, $19.50

The artisanal, natural deodorant by Smood comes in a variety of 4 scents. Smood empowers you to Smell Good and Feel Good through their products which are aluminium-free, paraben-free and free of propylene glycol and harsh chemicals.

Naiise_Bare For Bare

Bare For Bare, $16 - $20

Inspired and formulated with natural and botanical ingredients, Bare For Bare offers skincare products which include facemask, body lotions and shampoos, to pillow mist. Drawing inspiration from centuries old botanical solution, Bare For Bare aims to evoke unique and personalised sensorial experiences through its products.   

Naiise_Quinoa_Farm To Market

Organic Quinoa, Farm To Market, $17.90

Quinoas is a superfood that acts as an alternative for grains like wheats. In food, they are commonly used for flour, soups and beer. The organic quinoa (above) is grown and harvested without the use of pesticides or preservatives thus ensuring a 100% organic end product.

Naiise_Wellness Gift Set_Lagom

Wellness Gift Set, Lagom Singapore, $50  

“Lagom” is a Swedish concept which means “just enough”. Inspired by it, Lagom Singapore was founded with the aim of encouraging a zero-waste lifestyle. Emulating the principles of sustainability and the Lagom concept of “just enough”, Lagom produces it products in small batches and small amounts at a time.  

Thank you for supporting our local sellers.

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