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Join us as we embark on a journey of Inspiring Creativity in a Glocalized World!

International Women’s Day: A Homage to our Femalepreneurs (Part 1/2)

Naiise_International Women's Day_2022

International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated annually on 8th of March. Coincidentally, it is the 111th year of celebration this year. Paying homage to women, it celebrates the journey and achievements of women in modern society. From politics and economics to entrepreneurship, women's representation has shifted beyond being just a supporting role in these ecosystems. IWD is also observed in support of taking action against gender inequality around the world. 

In this 2 part editorial, we feature snippets of 5 femalepreneurs and the motivations behind the brand that they represent. From not-for-profit social enterprises and sustainable living brands to exquisite jewellery pieces design-inspired by people and modern work life, each has a different story.


[ Health and Wellness ]

In-Heal was created with the aim of shifting mindset towards Natural Healing. In-Heal was born from the word "Inhale" and to heal from within. Committed to creating scents and spreading the correct and most effective uses of essential oils, In-Heal aims to also encourage the use of natural and organic elements instead of relying on chemicals common today.  

In-heal created an alternative to aromatherapy scenting through their Roll-Ons. In-Heal Roll-ons are synergistically blended to effectively enable people to balance their body and mind so as to restore the Body’s equilibrium. It’s range of 10 Aromatherapy Blends ensure (that) there's a solution for all your needs - from an “Energy Boost" to “Fighting Jetlag" - all created with Passionate Positive Energy to keep you Centred again!

Blending and Mixing (using only) Unadulterated essential oils and plant-based materials, is a collusion process of Art and Science. All of In-Heal’s products are 100% Natural and Aromatherapist-Certified.

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Jav Eco Project

[Upcycled Lifestyle Products ] + [ Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise ]

Naiise_Java Eco Project

To Upcycle and Uplift - transforming trash into treasures. A Social Enterprise established in Singapore, Java Eco Project products are expertly crafted to support a trash picking community in Java. Its Mission is to Empower and Uplift our Artisans by Providing Fair Wage, Employment, Healthcare and Education.  

Java Eco’s products are made from consumer and corporate waste such as plastic pouches bought from trash pickers, used billboards, car seat upholstery, advertising banners and flags. Traditional Indonesian batik fabric is incorporated into many of its products to demonstrate the simplicity of how waste can become new, unique products.

Its products include Upcycled Wine Cooler Bags, Upcycled Luggage Tags and Upcycled Lunch Bags.

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Lully Selb

[ Lifestyle and Stationery ] + [ Collaborates with Special Needs Artists ]

Lully Selb designs wearable statement shawls and lifestyle items for the purposeful woman. A women-led company that supports a community of women and special needs artists through collaborations, both its founders are graduates of Fine Arts and Fashion Design.

Drawing inspiration from street culture to modern art, nature and lifestyle. Their exploratory nature has led them to create prints in various techniques and mediums such as charcoal, ink or paint. Thus allowing their creativity to flow with little restrictions. Their shawls have been worn by women from diverse backgrounds and countries such as the US, Middle East and Asia.

“It gives us assurance that people from around the world can relate to our brand. We are indeed a global village now & we hope that our shawls can help bring out that confident, edgy yet classy demeanour that we know deep down, every woman has.” - Lully Selb

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Saruchi R Jewellery

[ Exquisite Jewellery Pieces ]

It’s founder had been inspired by the highly skilled art of jewellery from a young age. The inspiration turned into passion, and the creative journey of “Saruchi R Jewellery” was born in 2014. The “expression of an individual’s uniqueness” forms a quintessential part of Saruchi’s creative designs. Inspired by people and their modern work lives, their designs are elegant and perfect for all occasions as these reflect genuine authenticity, individual appeal and custom finish which mass-produced items simply don’t have.

Its exquisite pieces include the Amethyst 14K Gold Pendant Necklace, Large 925 Silver Bubble Necklace and the Garnet 6 mm 925 necklace .

“Why settle for ordinary jewellery when you can have stylish artisan jewellery at highly-affordable prices - each Handcrafted to Perfection and Designed to Enhance your appearance by revamping your look! Saruchi R Jewellery constantly endeavor to create beautiful handcrafted pieces that speak about you and enhance your uniqueness.” - Saruchi R Jewellery

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[ Fashion Accessories ]

Naiise_Coconut Pins_Paperdaise

Paperdaise Accessories was first established in 2014 as a hobby; an idea by its founder, an architect by training. It started out as an exploration and experimental project to create different accessories to suit her ever-changing wardrobe. She was in search for accessories that could be both versatile and specific for any occasion. Soon she realized that she could extent her handcrafted accessories to everyone, who love accessories which are unique and personalised.

This exploration escalated into other ideas, and her architect husband joining her, in her journey to offer unique fashion accessories to consumers. As ideas evolved, they developed a parallel accessory range made out of wood - an uncommon material for women's fashion. “We like wood because it defies theory! Why should all  women's accessories be made of metal?” - Paperdaise. The sustainable range carved out of sustainable wood was born. Designs include ArtScience Museum Wood Pendant Necklace, Diamond Laser Cut Wood Earrings and Singapore Merlion Scales Wood Pendant Necklace.

Paperdaise has also since launched a complementing accessory range Happy Pins and includes quirky designs such as I Love You Like Bubble Tea Enamel Pin

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Thank you for supporting our local femalepreneurs.

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