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Join us as we embark on a journey of Inspiring Creativity in a Glocalized World!


In-Heal was created to shift the mindset of our planet to move towards Natural Healing & everyone in In-Heal is 100% Committed to this Philosophy. Our Products are 100% Natural now & Forever.

In-Heal was born from the word "Inhale" and to heal from within. Instead of having to inhale an open bottle of specially crafted potion by a Certified Aromatherapist we invented the perfect solution you roll it onto your pulse points and the smell & desired effect lingers on for hours. Our range of 10 Aromatherapy Blends ensure there's a solution for your needs from an “Energy Boost" to “Fighting Jetlag" all created with Passionate Positive Energy to keep you Centred again

We are committed to creating scents and spreading the correct and most effective uses of essential oils with an aim to encourage the use of natural and organic elements instead of relying on chemicals common today.

There is a remedy for us to be found in Plants. Blending and mixing using only unadulterated essential oils and plant materials -is a Science and an Art .

A Certified Aromatherapist and a believer in Positive Energy and Synergy makes sure every single bottle is lovingly made with love and the synergistic effect of 3 unadulterated essential oils or more , effectively producing a more focused effect than a single oil does alone.

In-Heal Roll-ons are synergistically blended to effectively enable people to balance their body and mind so as to restore the Body’s equilibrium.

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