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Employees Appreciate Day and Appreciation Ideas

Employees are the backbone of the company. They are the heart and soul of the company. Without them, great ideas will not come to fruition. Sure, we can rely on technology and automation to replace some tasks and processes. However, for all the brilliant ideas that there are out there to negate the reliance of human intervention, somehow, there will still be instances in which human intervention cannot be replaced. From troubleshooting machineries and solving customer issues, to providing solutions for a failed delivery (😉, just saying). Employees are replied upon to address these challenges.  

So for all the hard work that your employees have put in, the past year, it is time to reward them as a way of appreciation. Here are some ideas that your employee will love:

  1. Off day for every on the Employees Appreciation Day which coincidentally falls on every 1st Friday of the month. This allows them to recharge or spend some quality time with their loved ones.
  1. Offer pre-paid Naiise e-gift cards or vouchers. Small thoughts go a long way.
  1. Give out awards to reinforce employee recognition.
  1. A Thank You card to show your appreciation


Or perhaps, reward them with something functional that they will use. We suggest:

Energy Boost Essential Oil by In-Heal




Stomp Tee Shirt by Wet Tee Shirt




Collapsible Silicone Cup by Neis Haus




Boh Liao Pouch by Love SG




Sunday Planner by Self-made Sunday




Upcycled Laptop Bag by Java Eco Project





Discover more gifting ideas at




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