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Meet The Maker: In Heal

We spoke to Ruby, the founder of In-Heal,- a brand passionately committed to creating scents and spreading the correct and most effective use of essential oil.  It aims to encourage the use of natural and organic elements instead of relying on chemicals, commonly found today.

Introduction to In-Heal
In-Heal as born from the word "Inhale" to suggest that the body heals from within. Instead of having to inhale an open bottle of specially crafted potion by a certified aromatherapist, we invented the perfect solution. You roll it onto your pulse points and the smell and desired effect lingers on for hours. Their range of 10 Aromatherapy Blends of roll-ons and 4 Aromatherapy Powders ensure there's a solution for your needs, from an “Energy Boost" to “Fighting Jetlag", and their Powders from “Spice Up” to “Unwind”.  Wholly created with passionate positive energy to keep you centred again.

Tell us a little about yourself and your journey to owning your own business/brand.

I am a trainer in aromatherapy and health related courses and I have been conducting training for a few International brands. Over the years, I have witnessed how certain brands failed and yet some brands remain as strong as they are if not better.

In our Workshops, I teach people to mix and blend and create their own personal care products like facial oil, face mist, cleanser and roll-ons. Each time, I have participants asking if I could customise products for them.

One day, my artistic daughter designed a label especially for me and got me started. How could I just ignore all the hours and hours of hard work and details that she has put into designing the label?

What is the first item you created? 

The first item I created was our set of In-Heal Aromatherapy roll-ons “Wellness Series” which consists of 6 Blends of Aromatherapy Essential Oil Roll-Ons - Energy Boost, Sleep Brain, Breathe Easy, Aches & Pain, Be Happy & Mental Focus.


What was the story behind it?

Aromatherapy essential oils are trending now as it has been proven to improve psychological and physical well-being. Indiscriminate consumers just buy essential oils off the shelf and hope for a miracle…some even ingest it!

Being a Trainer and Certified Aromatherapist, I have to keep stressing the importance of using essential oils correctly and not to ingest it unless it’s recommended by a clinically qualified aromatherapist. Therefore, we created a range of ready roll-ons that have been blended suitably and safely, which one can use directly on the skin as and when one desires.

The “Wellness Series” roll-ons are catered to the common mental stress that present-day individuals face. This is meant to be part of the healing process and not a miracle cure.

If the conditions that caused the problem in the first place continue, the problem will persist. For example, if you are unhappy with your job or a dissatisfactory working environment, it can cause stress and related conditions such as anxiety, depression etc. that lead to sleepless nights.

We created aromatherapy roll-ons as an external treatment which generates internal effects. It both smells great and carries therapeutic properties!

Ruby Tan, Founder of In Heal


What are some problems you have faced when creating a brand?

Creating a name for each product – they shouldn’t sound too medical. They have to be short, easy and sounds therapeutic. As for the brand name, we had to think of something simple and yet meaningful so it can put the message across instantly.

To contain the precious and sensitive ingredients of the products, only certain types of packaging materials are suitable. As such, you will find that we do not use metal balls but only glass balls in our roll-ons.

The labels - we once rejected 1000 pieces of labels for our roll-ons because of the lack of adhesive properties!  We are particular with the brand quality of paper we want from our printer.

What was the most heartwarming comment that you have received for your business?

A Japanese lady made the effort to trace us and wrote us an email. She loved the therapeutic properties and the scent of the roll-ons. But quite unfortunately, she had accidentally picked up the tester at the point of purchase!  As she had already flown home to Japan, she had to ask her friend to get her another of our roll-ons and to bring it back to her in Japan.  She expressed hope that we could retail our In-Heal brand in Japan as she strongly believes many people would love it just like she does.

How did you envision your brand to shape the world around you?

In-Heal modernises “ancient therapy” for our modern society, with our specially designed roll-ons, you get instant therapy in your pocket.

We found that people have forgotten how to breathe properly. We noticed that we even have to teach them to do so - to inhale and exhale with proper techniques.

When people are stressed-up, they tend to drink or smoke in order to remain calm. Our products steer you away from these vices and gets you addicted to aromatherapy Healing as a healthy alternative to stress relief. When the body is stressed, it needs to work harder to remain balanced. In-Heal products bring the body back to balance and that helps to remove any pent-up tension of the stress response.

By external application with internal effect of the roll-ons, it boosts the immune system, which is weakened by constant stress.

We hope the use of In-Heal roll-ons and aromatherapy body powder can be a part of home care routine, allowing one to incorporate oils into an ongoing holistic lifestyle. 

What wise words do you have for people who want to start their own business?

Don’t create a product just to sell. A lot of people make products, then they look for customers. We feel that you need to know who you want to target, then create the product.

How do you feel the Naiise Marketplace can help sellers with their business? 

To me, the right kind of audience that I want to target are the young, exciting, hip and happening.

I believe in the people behind this concept as they are always coming up with daring and innovative marketing strategies.


You can now shop In-Heal on Naiise Marketplace.

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