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12H with the Founder of Tilt Athleisure in Circuit Breaker

Anja Darner

Age: 34

Mother of a 15-month-old girl 

Occupation: Founder of T/LT Athleisure (, #tiltathleisure), an Activewear fashion label that was created for the multi-faceted woman who balances a busy life and active living. She acquires her clothes to have a chic and on trend silhouette with the perfect fit and functionality. T/LT focuses strictly on high-tech luxe and sustainable fabrics to accommodate the needs of today’s hectic on-the-go lifestyle. 

Please follow the founder during a day in isolation, and allow Tilt Athleisure to take you through your day and workout at home. 

06.00-06.30:  I would wake up and feed my daughter breakfast first thing in the morning Outfit1: Noir Legging and Crop Top

07.00: To kick off the day I make my favorite turmeric, lemon and honey shoot and my daily cup of coffee (I’m human and need all the fuel I can get)

07.30: Quick 15 min Wake up Workout and stretch - Please see workout video 


08.00:  I Organize the day for daughter, and around this time my helper takes her so I can start my work.

08.30: Breakfast is usually a smoothie: I blend almond milk, vanilla extract, spinach, blueberries, almond butter, chia seeds, wheat grass. It’s very filling and nutritious!

09.00: I would start off the morning with calls. A typical day consists of answering emails, having a creative meeting with my team, fulfilling sales and orders, touching base with buyers and marketing team. - Outfit2: Throw over the Dotstar Kimono

12.30: Lunch would be a quick and easy Japanese style salad.

1pm-3pm: Work calls with my production manager. 

3pm: 45-60 min yoga, I usually do a YouTube video that I follow! And a quick shower in cold water to wake me up.

4pm-7pm: I would aim to finish the work day around this time. I really enjoy preparing dinner for my daughter, playing with her and bathing her before bedtime. She’s my biggest driving force <3


8pm: Dinner with my husband is after our daughter is asleep! During the weekdays, we usually make something simple. My current favorite is Vegan burgers! Fry or oven roast Veggie patties. For condiments, use lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, mustard and veganese, pickles and gluten free bread instead of a patty! And sweet potato wedges, its super tasty and guilt free. Its easy to add anything of your preference  


Tilt Athleisure strives to simplify your demanding lifestyle with clothing that not only provides you with perfect fit and functionality but is also forward thinking.

Providing the extra comfort you need, our fabrics fuse aesthetics with cutting-edge innovation, boasting attributes including a body moisture system, quick drying and SPF 50+ and UV filter. Shop Tilt Athleisure here.

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