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This one, really Sibe "Gao Lat/够力"!

Everyday, we put our bodies to strenuous tests, causing pain in areas that we never knew could be affected. Be it sitting at your desk for prolonged hours in lousy postures, or pushing yourself beyond your limits at sports and activities, or even lifting heavy things, stiffening or pulling a muscle or two is pretty common and often looked over.

Good news is, Sibe Global Pte Ltd has a series of “Gao Lat” (够力) pain relief remedies that can help you get through these painful times. They have different types of plaster variants which are specifically targeted at different chronic and acute pains, and the plaster’s effect can last up to 12 hours.

The ancient herbal formula that they use in their miracle plasters and rollers have gained much popularity among martial artists, coolies, sportsmen and housewives during the 40s. Trust the age-old formula to soothe age-old problems, even in modern times.

From left to right: Koli Muscle Injury (Super Power) Miracle PlasterKoli Classic (Strong Power) Miracle PlasterKoli Sensitive Skin (Good Power) Miracle PlasterKoli Rheumatic Pain (Extra Power) Miracle Plaster

Comes in packs of 5 or 20 pieces, the miracle plaster series is aimed to relieve pain for various audience profile, addressing the body areas and conditions that each profile commonly has issues with. 

If you prefer massage rollers to relieve the pain on your body, they have these massage rollers to help relieve the pain in your shoulders and joints after an intense workout, and even after travelling for long hours.  

For those of you who would like a roller to easily store in your bags, Sibe Global Pte Ltd has travel-friendly rollers that you can bring around to relieve pain whenever you need to, and even for stress-relieving!

To find out Sibe Global Pte Ltd's full range of products that Naiise carries, please click here for more.



Do note that Sibe Global Pte Ltd's products aim to soothe and improve the conditions you face, and not to heal them. The products are also not suitable for pregnant/nursing women and children under the age of 12. Do seek your doctor's consultation and advice prior to using their products. Do not apply the products on open wounds, broken skin or pus formations.  



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