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10 Cool and Unique Fathers' Day Gift Ideas

Fathers' Day is just around the corner. It is that one day, that we get to pamper and give our dear dads the appreciation they deserve. It is never easy finding the perfect gift for our fathers. After all, what do you buy for a man who has likely spent half his life constantly looking over your shoulder, sending you to school at 7 every morning, and loving you with all their heart through the years. 

We have decided to help you out with 10 gift ideas to help you in finding the right gift for all the dads we love. 

For the dads that love the occasional mahjong session. 

Unique T-Shirt for Father's Day

Red Unique Huat T-shirt, $30

This unique T-shirt will put a smile to the faces of our dads. Even if it isn't for the occasional mahjong session, I'm sure no dad would mind getting more luck in wealth.  

 Naiise - Buy unique father's dad T-shirt

For the dads who love to relax with a drink every night.

Suuankou Gin for Father's Day gift

Suuankou Gin, $108

This Gin encloses an explosion of flavours in multiple layers. Great for dads to enjoy after a long day of work.

Naiise - Buy unique father's dad T-shirt

 For the dads who like to watch TV after a long day.

Green bean bag for Father's Day or for the homeGreen Bean Bag, From $179

Everyone loves to catch up on some TV or Netflix, and Dads are no exception to that. This bean bag is a great bonus as it is also water proof.

Naiise - Buy unique father's dad T-shirt

For the dads who love being in the kitchen.

Naiise Online Shop | Unique cookbooks for gifts or presentsKitchen Stories Cook Book, $37.35

For those dads who love a who love putting a good meal into the tummies of their loved ones. 

Naiise - Buy unique father's dad T-shirt

For the dads with bad muscle aches.

Naiise Online shop, Muscle Ache relief plaster - Koli Muscle Ache Plaster, From $7.90

A powerful pain relief which will be even more useful now that exercising has become a more common affair. 

Naiise - Buy unique father's dad T-shirt 

 For the dads whose new norm will be work from home.

Black Note Book, $11.94

A notebook will come in handy since work from home is likely to be a new norm. There's just not enough paper at home usually compared to the office.

Naiise - Buy unique father's dad T-shirt

For the dads whose new norm soon will be back to the office.

Naiise online shop, black reusable coffee cup, Sttoke 12 ozSttoke Black Reusable Coffee Cup, $44.95

A reusable coffee cup will always come in handy as we move into a new norm of life. This is perfect gift to help dad get a daily boost of energy needed to start and go through the day.

Naiise - Buy unique father's dad T-shirt

For the dads whose other hobby is snacking.

Naiise online shop, Snacks, chilli crab tempura, giftsChilli Crab Tempura Snack, $7.50

Crunch through the crisp tempura coating and an incredible mix of flavour explodes on your tongue. Nothing better than watching a movie or TV and enjoying this. 

Naiise - Buy unique father's dad T-shirt

For the dapper dads.

Naiise online shop, Solid cologne, gifts for Father's Day, gifts for himMusky & Woody Solid Cologne, $32.10

Strong base notes of wood and musk balanced out by floral subtleties. Portable and perfect for any dads on the go. 

Naiise - Buy unique father's dad T-shirt

For the dads who love a little fun and games.

Naiise online shop, board games, gifts and novelty party ideasDebtzilla Board Game, $56

A board game that's premised around economics and debt, this game promises to not only engage the old, but educate the young in an interactive manner. 

Naiise - Buy unique father's dad T-shirt

You can shop more Fathers' Day gift ideas that we have curated here and enjoy free shipping over $60. 

Team Naiise wishes all dads out there, a happy fathers' day!
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