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Notes From The Team At Naiise.

  • April 1, 2015

    Fight The Status Anxiety - A Chat With Founder, Will Sked

    If you have been doing a bit of shopping, window or actual, recently in the malls, at various boutique shops, or online, you might have spotted a new brand of leather goods, called Status Anxiety, popping up at your favourite stores. Established and well-known in Australia, Status Anxiety, the 10-year-old Australian leather accessories brand, is slowly gaining recognition and popularity among Singaporeans for its affordable, versatile, and durable leather wallets and bags, 

    We chatted with the founder, Will Sked, and found out more about the journey of Status Anxiety and how far the brand has come over the decade. Learn more about the brand and how it never loses sight of what it truly stands for. 


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  • March 8, 2015

    #DearMe: Advice To My Younger Self

    Given a chance to turn back time a little bit, what would you done differently? What would you have said to yourself?

    If you have been surfing Youtube and Twitter, you would have noticed #DearMe trending on these platforms. What is it, you might ask. Well, #DearMe is a campaign, launched ahead of International Women's Day, that encourages women to write letters and make videos with the advices they'd have given their teenage selves

    This International Women's Day, we check in with 12 of our female makers, crafters and designers,  and find out what advices they would want to advise their younger selves. Read on, discover them and be inspired!

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  • September 18, 2014

    Naiise Conversations: Fell in Love with Letterpress

    Every day at Naiise, we meet and interact with designers, makers and crafters who are passionate about what they do to keep them going. We are always intrigued and inspired with their stories and in this series of Naiise Conversations, we have chatted with our letterpress friends and want to share with you how they fell in love and struggles with the lost trade of letterpress. In this series, we talked to The Fingersmith Letterpress, The Gentlemen's Press and Typesettingsg. Read on to discover the wonders and beauty of being a letterpress printer.

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  • October 11, 2013

    Naiise conversations - Introducing Statement

    At Naiise, we spoke to the the wackiest and delightful team behind the T-shirt we all love.
    Behind their designs lies great relevance to everyday Singaporean life. This all started with little sketches on MS paint. Today, their t-shirts have become a point of conversation. Witty, clever and expressive, their designs are fun and great at creating smiles.
    Heres what they have to say.
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  • May 1, 2013

    Naiise Conversations - introducing The Scarlette

    In a new series of interviews, get to know insiders in the trade as we talk to the faces behind our brands stocked at Naiise!

    In a sea of online shops, it can be hard to differentiate one Singaporean blogshop from another these days; the pursuit of seasonal trends is relentlessly copied and redone countless times. More than just another blogshop, The Scarlette is one of those little gems that still value thoughtful design and processes. The brand has built quite the reputation for dresses that are classy, sweet and sassy, most of which sell out very quickly once launched. With no formal training, college friends Amanda Eng and Qin Mei have consistently created collections to appeal to ladies who live for the art of dressing up, both at work and at play. From sleek modern sheaths to cocktail dresses in variations of draped jersey and satin, The Scarlette seeks to appeal to women who desire functionality and fun in their wardrobe choices. 

    Naiise had a chat with the vivacious duo to find out how they do it.

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