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Naiise conversations - Introducing Statement

Naiise Speaks to the team behind the wacky designed Tees we love. Here's what they have to say.

Who is in the Statement team and how did Statement come about?
The Statement team comprises of Visakan and I (Desmond). It all started in late 2011, when Visakan shared a bunch of t-shirt slogan ideas (which were doodles from his sktechbook) he created in Microsoft Paint on Facebook. I stumbled upon them and was pretty excited by the idea. I sent him a long message about how we can work together to make the t-shirts a reality (he didn't even read it fully, but merely skimmed through and knew that he wanted me on board). We met up for a dinner shortly after and casually worked out some plans to get started.
We love your designs, can you describe the signature style of design?
Every design is intended to be a conversation starter, or at the very least, interesting enough to make a memorable statement. We try not to go over-the-top.
Who is the Statement girl/man? 

The Statement woman/man is someone who is not afraid to express herself/himself and challenge the status quo.

What were some of the driving influences for your designs?

Daily conversations and observations of the environment/people surrounding us. 

Name some of your everyday essentials.
black 'knnbccb' t-shirt when you feel like setting the world on fire. A white 'I'm on the way!' t-shirt when you are running late. A white 'professional procrastinator' t-shirt when you just want to slack.
Any favourite brands/designers?

Apple, Tesla and Stefan Sagmeister.

Describe a day of being in Statement?

There's no 'day' in Statement as we currently have our full-time jobs (we happen to be in the same company too). Whenever we discuss ideas we're always open to experimentation and improvisation, which is super exciting. There are times when customers share photos of themselves wearing our t-shirts all over the world, which never ceases to surprise us. 

What is it like being a designer in (Singapore)?
Thanks to the stability we have here in Singapore, we're able to concentrate on creating great design (instead of being worried about survival). This country also has a rich diverse mix of culture, people and food, which definitely helps make life so much more interesting.
Why is great design so important? 

Great design is not just how it looks, but also how it works. It should be functional and not get in the way of what you actually want to do. It is the designer's job to ensure that the design meaningfully serves the user. Great design is so important because every user out there probably wouldn't want to spend time/energy fixing bad design on their own.

What are your top 5 naiisest things about living in Singapore?
1. Excellent security and stability
2. Diversity of culture
3. Great food variety
4. Cleanliness
5. Well-developed infrastructure
What can we look forward to from you guys in the near future? 
Even more wacky conversation starter materials. Stay tuned.
Any tips for naiise living?
Always stay true to yourself. If you don't know who you really are, do your best to find out. It'll be worth it.
See their collection here.
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Cora - November 18, 2014

Is there a retail where we can view all the t-shirts?

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