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Fight The Status Anxiety - A Chat With Founder, Will Sked

If you have been doing a bit of shopping, window or actual, recently in the malls, at various boutique shops, or even online, you might have spotted a new brand of leather goods, Status Anxiety, popping up at your favourite stores. Established and well-known in Australia, Status Anxiety, the 10-year-old Australian leather accessories brand, is slowly gaining recognition and popularity among Singaporeans for its affordable, versatile, and durable leather wallets and bags.

We chatted with the founder, Will Sked, and found out more about the journey of Status Anxiety and how far the brand has come over the decade. Learn more about the brand and how it never loses sight of what it truly stands for. 


1. How did Status Anxiety (SA) come about?

I read an article on the phenomenon that is Status Anxiety, which is the anxiety we all have based on how well we are doing in comparison to our peers. The obvious ones are what sort of job we have, how much we earn, our possessions or even what brands we wear. There's an obvious irony in the name with us being in the fashion industry, and I liked that it called for us to take ourselves and the symbols of status a little less serious.

Status Anxiety kicked off back in 2004, touting a few colours of Flip Wallets to Sydney fashion boutiques. Surprisingly, they were picked up and sold like hotcakes!

2. What makes you work solely on leather and not any other materials?

There's the obvious that it wears well, smells amazing and is widely accepted as the premium material for carry goods. But personally, it's the unique idiosyncrasies of leather and how that plays out in every product, just like your fingerprint. It's great to work with product that have such capability for beautiful variations.

3. How is a typical day at SA office be like?

Busy. Exciting and busy. It seems like we're always trying to keep up with growth in so many areas, which means we're constantly looking at new ideas, concepts and opportunities.

4. How's the growing journey for SA thus far?

It's been consistently at least 100% growth every year since 2004. Things don't seem to be slowing and there are areas where we find growth changes over time. Our current focus is into distribution into more countries and expanding our product offering into other categories.

5. What inspire you to constantly bring SA to a further and greater place?

I love the business of the business. It's exciting to work hard on a certain area of the business which you're trying to develop, and see it through to the targets you've set for it. And of course I love seeing Status Anxiety in the hands of our customers when I'm out. Don't think I'll ever get tired of product spotting.

6. If there is any, what is the one thing you wish you can un-do and re-do for SA?

Yes it's cliché but there's nothing I'd un-do. There has been a lot of stuff up's along the way (a lot), but the learning has been invaluable.

7. How do you envision SA to be in 10 years time?

Continuing to provide people with insanely cool, quality products. Just more products and more people to enjoy them.

8. What do you do when you're off-duty?

Surf, play guitar and hanging with my 5 month old boy.

9. Give us 6 words that best describe SA.

Premium. Affordable. Awesome. Fashion. Leather Goods.

10. Any words of advice for budding designers/artists/makers/crafters around the world?

Focus on attention to detail not only in what you create, but who you are creating it for. It's the same in business, look at the detail and follow through.

Status Anxiety is now available on Naiise.

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