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5 Unique Planners & Journals For 2020

The start of the year - we welcome it with a bash every single time.

It’s also the best time to set goals, expectations and resolutions until the year count goes up by one again. For that, you definitely can use a planner to help you keep tabs of it and follow through your plans!

We’ve compiled a list with 6 different planners that you will want to take with you as your companion to the new year. Check them out!

1. Typoflora

Cue the “plant the seeds of today and reap the fruits of tomorrow” references! Is there a more apt theme to a yearly planner than Typoflora botanical-themed one? We think not!

In the summer of 2015, Typoflora launched a retail line of stationery - greeting cards, art prints and notebooks and they encapsulate typography and botanical flora. And they. Look. Stunning.

Spoil yourself to their jaw-droppingly beautiful Always Flower 2020 Planners - it comes in two different colours: Emerald Green and Cream. Check out what you can expect from inside their planners:

They're presented in a keepsake box for collecting all the important things you’ll want to save and remember your year by.

These planners are on 10% off right now - you can get them HERE!

2. Actspressions

Now these are hot favourites when they first debuted in 2017! Actspressions is a beautiful weekly planner featuring painted skies in expressive, passionate brushstrokes and vibrant hues and thoughtfully curated quotes to bring meaning and joy to our lives.

Personally, we love that there’s a soothing, balmy feel to its aesthetics. For the busier times of the year, trust that this planner will be the companion that'll help you see through it all.

They also have their 2020 Calendars that’ll sit nicely on your desk.

You can get yourself one of their planners or calendars - currently 20% off - HERE!

3. Papercranes Design

Papercranes Design are a stationery and lifestyle brand. Heavily inspired by nature, founder Aeri's works feature mainly natural scenery, creatures and botanical illustrations, and occasionally, lettering and calligraphy as well.

[Credit: Papercranes Design, Instagram]

Their Bloom Planners (comes in Matte Mint and Textured Navy) are a must-get for the ones who love to spice up their planners with a ton of journal accessories like the pack of stickers that comes with it.

For more of their planners and stationery, check out their entire collection HERE!

4. .exe Planners

This one’s a little special!

The .exe planner by the folks from was designed like an executable file format to help you execute and put the 366 days of 2020 into effect. It’s an undated yearly planner and they’ve peppered in simple tools that encourage mental wellness through clear-goal setting, active lifestyle habits, and self-awareness. 

Here’s a glimpse into the planner:

The coolest part though, get this - for every planner sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to mental health charity funds to support people struggling with mental health issues and raise mental health awareness. How awesome is that?

You can purchase one of these beauties HERE!

5. The Paper Bunny

When we think of personalised planners, we think of The Paper Bunny!

They’re all about carefully crafted paper prints and gifts that reflect a style that is playful and fun-loving, yet sophisticated and practical.

They not only sell planners on their own, but also accessories that will help you give a personal touch to your year-long companion.

Start your planner personalisation journey HERE!

Bonus: Customise your journal at Naiise Iconic with ana tomy!

Hailing from Malaysia, ana tomy is all about thoughtfully-designed products for every individual. If you’re looking to get one, your order will be handcrafted upon order.

They come in two variations - Basic Edition (i.e. Hardcover Clothbound) and Limited Edition (i.e. Artist Collaboration)

You can also choose a cover design from famed illustrator and designer Janice Sung. Here’s a look at some of what her designs would look like:

We think this would make a perfect gift for the rarer occasions - whether it’s graduation, new school/job, moving away to pursue opportunities etc.

You can find them at The Gift Bar at Naiise Iconic!


Do you have any favourite planner from the above? Let us know in the comments below!

Have a great week ahead, everybody! :)

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