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Naiise Turns 7: A Message from our Founder

Dear friends and customers,

We are extremely excited to share our 7th birthday with you today. With your support, ihas been an amazing journey for us since our humble beginnings in 2013.

Through the years, our goal has remained constant - to make original, unique, well-made and meaningful products accessible to customers like yourself. Our continuous pursuit of this has also been an anchor for us to push for improvements and innovations in our organization. Today, we're still excited to come to work, knowing that our customers are discovering amazing new products daily, and purchasing items that better their lives. From local souvenirs to artisanal food, clean beauty to eco-friendly products, we're truly glad to say we've put some of these items in your hands. 

This, coupled with our desire to help tell the stories of more creatives to gain a wider reach, we took on big challenges to make this connection possible. Last year, we launched 2 of our biggest projects, Naiise Iconic and Design Orchard, which we have worked hard on to create great and memorable experiences for our customers. We also revamped our website to help shopping on even more seamless and intuitive than before.

In this last year, we have served more than 2 million customers and we thank you for giving us the honour and opportunity of connecting with you. More importantly, we hope that we have served you well and made some of our products part of your everyday lifestyle. Thank you for being a part of our journey and, with all our heart, we look forward to the years ahead, and hope to continue to better serve everyone in future.

We hope Naiise will always be your starting point when you begin your journey to find unique, different, meaningful and well-designed products and gifts. 

Thank you for being a part of Naiise.


Dennis Tay


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