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Gift Ideas for the 12 Zodiac Signs

Dog, Rat, Dragon, Pig, Ox, Tiger, Snake, Goat, Horse, Monkey, Rooster, Rabbit – they all form the 12 Chinese animal zodiac signs.

Just because it’s the Year of the Metal Rats, that doesn’t mean all the zodiac animal signs can’t join in the fun. We compiled a list of the perfect gifts for each of the sign - check them out!

1. The Rat

2020 is the year of the metal rats! If you’re born under this sign, it’s likely that you’re swift to absorb enough details of a situation to grasp it.

You’re an opportunist - you make sure to get a lock-on on the opportunities as soon as they come, and you move fast towards it.

For that, we recommend TED BAKER's gorgeous Premium Ballpoint Pen Pink () to note down all the opportunities that come knocking at your door - plan out your next move with this one!

Of course, it’s not complete without a notebook to record it all in, so you should definitely get one of their equally stunning notebooks to pair it with! Here's their Printed A5 Notebook Opal Pink ($45). 

Check out Ted Baker’s full collection of stationery HERE!

2. The Ox

Oxes are normally seen ploughing fields on their own. If you’re born under this sign, it’s likely that you prefer more ‘me’ time, and you view social gatherings as duties more than something that you need.

For that, we recommend any of The Novel Encounter’s books below ($32.10 each). Not only will you be able to enjoy a good book in on a tranquil weekend, but you’ll also get the fun of finding out the title of the book once you unwrap it.

Check out The Novel Encounter's full collection HERE!

3. The Tiger

Lions are known as the king of the jungle, but undisputedly, tigers are their close competitors. If you’re born in the year of the Tiger, you’re likely to be someone who’s enthusiastic, strong, razor-sharp in speed, and pack a megaton of courage. You're also pretty likely to be drawn to the idea of being independent. Freedom is ambrosia to most people, but to you - it’s a staple fodder.

For that, we recommend the Tigers the Zenlet 2+ Wallet by Zenlet that are currently on 10% sale! (now: $145.80) Personally, we find this wallet to be sophisticated, sleek and screams “I’m an independent person and I got this.” 

Also available in Space Grey and Rose Gold - for more of Zenlet, check them out HERE!

4. The Rabbit

Rabbits are gentle and are known for being peaceful animals. People born in the Year of the Rabbits have a tendency to quell disputes and confrontations just to keep the peace. Plus, similar to how the tiger hides its claws, the rabbit hides its acute shrewdness.

People born in the Year of the Rabbit can assess a situation and usually come up with the best strategy. They are an innovative bunch!

Given their characteristics, we’d recommend the Off Track Game by SGAG. ($30) You play as either the Schoolboy going to Ruffles Institution, the Office Lady going to the CBD or the Disruptor, who is their saboteur.

Whatever the role may be, you can expect the Rabbits to outshine everyone, naturally!

More details of the Off Track Game is available HERE!

5. The Dragon

No questions about it - the dragon is a powerful and mighty creature that ruled folklore through the ages! People born in the year of the Dragon tend to be proud, assertive, intelligent and strong. 

They attract positive vibes and command a great deal of attention and are able to amp up the atmosphere in the room. Some good music is in order to complement their strong presence. For that, we 100% recommend Irregular Lines' Bamboofon - Energy Free Speakers ($30)!

As the name suggests, you won’t even need to plug this into any wall socket - just slot your phone in, put on a song and hear the difference!

Available in for your fellow dragons HERE!

6. The Snake

If you are born in the Year of the Snake, there’s a good chance that you may feel like people have troubles knowing who you exactly are - even though you are self-assured.

But we say, wear that proud with our recommendation – these Snake Enamel Pins ($15) from Imagine Playbook!

You can pre-order your pins HERE!

7. The Horse

When we think about horses, we think of them having a great amount of stamina to gallop on, and not wanting to stay in their pen for too long before they start yearning for freedom.

In a similar way, people born in the Year of the Horse are always looking out for the challenge - they strive for success and see freedom as the end goal. Even though they don’t tire out easily, there is the need to stop once in a while and toast to better days ahead.

And for that, we’d totally recommend some drinks from CRAFT GINS CO PTE LTD, like the And hey - what better time to get this than the Lunar New Year that’s fast approaching?

[Left: Canberra Distillery 500ml French Earl Grey Lavender ($129) | Right: Canberra Distillery 500ml Blood Orange Gin ($129)]

Check out their entire collection of gins HERE!

8. The Goat

People born in the Year of the Goat are most likely to be ultra patient - and they also are likely to love nature and the arts.

So we’d totally recommend the Vintage Jigsaw Puzzles ($85.60) from The Great Indoors!

This simple, but thoughtful gift will let them put the pieces together, and let them see the fruits of their labour, which is nothing short of amazing if you ask us!

Check out the other designs of the vintage jigsaw puzzle over at The Great Indoors' collection page HERE!

9. The Monkey

People who are born in the Year of the Monkeys are known to be gifted speakers. So the only gift that would speak to them is the So… Cards ($25)!

It’s a game perfect to get to know people in a more comfortable, way – through a card game and chill session. These are a collection of questions for deeper discussions and were conceived by Manila and were printed in Belgium.

With two volumes to this game, get ready for your friends and family members, especially those born in this year of Monkey, to open up and share.

The So Cards collection is available HERE!

10. The Rooster

People born in the year of roosters tend to be more flamboyant in nature, so the only gift that would something that brings attention to them.

For them, we’d recommend any of the solid colognes from The Apothecary Malaysia. These have a deep, warm smelling note and it’s sure to make heads turn. These are their latest ones, the Kasai and Yama solid cologne ($29.96 each).

They've got more where that came from. Check out their entire collection HERE!

11. The Dog

People born in the year of dogs are some of the most loyal and faithful people. They do tend to be natural worriers - and there’s nothing wrong with that. They could use a little taking their minds off things.

And for that, we recommend the Lavender Recovery Face Mask ($20.90) for set 5) and Lavender L.E. Gift Set ($52.90) from Bare for Bare.

Lavender has naturally-occurring calming properties - give them the mental balm they deserve for showing us what unwavering dedication looks like.

Check out Bare for Bare’s entire collection HERE!

12. The Pig

And last but not least, when we think of pigs, we think of carefree and just a bucket load of fun! If you’re born under this sign, it’s likely that you’re blessed with a great sense of humour, on top of being compassionate, honest, patient and selfless.

Given all their qualities, we’d recommend our all-time hot favourite, the Prata Kosong t-shirt ($35) from Wee Tee Shirt!

It’s not just a tee — it’s Prata (plus points if you caught that reference). And with such a punny take on it, visually and textually, people born under this sign are sure to love it. The only time they don’t is—you guessed it—when pigs fly!

For more of Wet Tee Shirt, check them out HERE!


Hope you love the suggestions! :) If you've got any of our own suggestions for the various animal zodiac signs, feel free to shout them out in the comments below! 


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