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Here's 8 Ways to Have a Huat CNY this 2020

House cleaned? Check.

Traditional snacks and family delicacies? Check.

Ang paos gathered? Check.

That’s the goal by the end of your preparation for the Chinese New Year – and guess what? We’ve got your back.

Here are some 8 ways you can look your huatest this CNY with Naiise:

1. Show up in stunning artful dresses

Local brand Ans.ein is one of our personal favourites on this list – need we explain why? They pride themselves on creating wearable art - it’s elegant and sophisticated-looking dresses that will have heads turning and your Instagram followers rushing to double-tap on your OOTD shots!

[From left to right: Blooms Multiway Top, [SINGAPORE STORY] Tropical Garden Kimono Dress, [SINGAPORE STORY] Peranakan Nyonya Top]

Did we also mention they have dresses for the little ones as well?! Talk about dolling them up!

For more of Ans.Ein, check out their collection page here!

2. Break out the snacks with PAPAPENG!

You've seen PAPAPENG's Chips with Hae Bee Hiam dips. Now peep their two new flavours - Salted Egg Fish Skin with Chili Crab Dip and Salted Egg Fish Skin with Black Pepper Crab Dip:

They've got more to them, so check them all out here!

3. You’re a boss - so look like a boss!

Step into any function looking like you ooze confidence with shades from Truth & All.

Their frames are made of specially designed Italian bio-based acetate which biodegrades in 115 days under compost conditions. On top of being eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable, they’re super light, comfortable and also have 'dance-proof' sturdiness and safety.

For more of the Truth and All, click here!

4. Go ahead, intrigue everyone with some jewellery!

[in]TRIGUE has some of the most lush-looking artisanal jewellery pieces around. They’re a conceptual jewellery brand that melds both principles of architecture and elements of nature. They’re all designed and made by their very own hands to help you create your unique identity. 

Don one of their pieces like their Voyage Pearl Ring and you’re sure to look so huat, you’ll make a dragon wanna retire.

For all [in]TRIGUE, click here!

5. Fashion, but make it sustainable

Hailing all the way from London, Hide The Label pride themselves on making their dresses sustainable. The founders, who are siblings Shereen and Ryan Barrett, realised that there needed to be a shift in thinking about the way that they design, the materials they select, and their impact on the environment.

Check out their gorgeous collection here!

6. Make It Fun with Tees!

Wet Tee Shirt is back with new designs for this year’s CNY. They’re known for some of the punniest locally-flavoured t-shirt slogans around like one of their most famous - the Huat’s Up T-Shirt!

For 2020, they’ve introduced designs like the God of Mahjong, Money-Faced Rat, Limkia. There’s more where that came from, so check all of them out here!

Also, Statement has some classic CNY-themed tees for taking! T-shirts are popular choices at this time of the year, so find your perfect fit all here!

7. Spruce up the scene of your homes with SCENE SHANG

Homeware and furniture that marry the contemporary with traditional, and East with West - that’s SCENE SHANG for you! They’re set on creating a timeless story to tell all of us.

[In frame: 1818 Legend of Red Hill Mug]

Whether it’s treasuring your culture and heritage, or just reminding you of the little things in life, they hope to bring you closer to home with their designs. 

For all SCENE SHANG, find them here!

[In frame: TRINITY 福恩爱 with Brass Frame]

8. Get Your Huat on with Shevron!

These drop-dead gorgeous cushion covers from Shevron are super sleek, and sit in between looking huat-esque traditional and beautifully modern - it’s one of our personal favourites!

They’ve also got their Auspicious 8 Wristlet Pouch - Blue and Auspicious 8 Satchel Sling Bag - Red.

Find all things Shevron here!

What are you waiting for? Shop all festive things in our CNY 2020 collection! Here's wishing our Chinese friends a Happy Lunar New Year ahead! 🍊🧡

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