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Creative Sessions #3: A chat with We The People

Last Friday we met up with Nison Chan, the co-founder of We The People. For the next 45 minutes, we talked about Kickstarter, We The People and really, everything about crowdfunding in their own experience. We're excited to have them on board to speak at our next Creative Session happening on 29th September at Naiise Iconic.



We The People's outlet in St. Louis, USA

Nison believes firmly that the crowdfunding can take a good idea to where it deserves to be in as short as 30 to 50 days – accelerated success.

They’ve travelled around the world to spread the word about the company. He recalls the adventures he embarked on with co-founder Ryan Sim. “We’ve travelled to New York, St. Louis, Boston and Vegas, so we mostly talk about how we have all crowdfunded brands together in one space. And we dive in a variety of things like the pitfalls in crowdfunding; Crowdfunding 101.”

Nison has also given talks to the younger people (we’re talking primary and secondary school), but he approaches it from a different angle – he helps them kindle an entrepreneurial spirit and the belief that they can make their dreams come true with plenty of perseverance, tenacity, grit and before anything, passion.

These are without a doubt essential for anybody who wishes to go down the crowdfunding route.


Perhaps, the reason why Kickstarter works is THAT people who go on it aren’t just selling a product, but they’re also selling the story and the values behind it, which makes it so much easier to digest and so much more believable.

UGEAR's decorations on display

Real talk – this is one of the things that marketing practitioners learn from the jump, which is to make an idea look attractive (think ‘sell me this pen’ type of situations).


As you may know, We The People have populated some areas of Singapore – I12 Katong, Orchard Central and their latest one at Funan.

Nison insists that a brick-and-mortar store is just as important as an online presence, despite many businesses going from offline to online or just choosing to be anchored in the online waters.

“If you give people the opportunity to touch and feel, it will give them the physical confidence and courage to buy.”

“It plays on that sentiment of ‘Wow. Whatever that I saw online before is actually real.’ ”


From a sharing session they did in Boston


Nison highlights that they will be focused on just rewards-based crowdfunding as their platform.

Nison is anticipating that the session will be about the technical aspect of things - the ideation phase, how to launch a campaign for your hypothesised product among other things. There will probably be more questions and jotting down of notes than sharing, but he doesn’t mind - he’s ready more than ever to tackle them.


Date: 29 September 2019
Time: 1 — 2:30pm
Venue: Naiise Iconic @ Jewel Changi Aiport

Purchase the tickets here.

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