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Join us as we embark on a journey of Inspiring Creativity in a Glocalized World!

Blue Bee Tie Dye

Welcome to Blue Bee Tie Dye & Indigo Fabric Studio!

We are a Bai Minority family tie dye workshop located in Dali (Yungui Plateau area), China and Singapore. My aunt is a traditional hardworking Bai woman who is good at making indigo tie dye handcrafts and Bai hot sour fish soup. We organized some offline tie-dye courses and sold crafts to tourists in Dali in previous years. I moved to Singapore last year and affected by Covid, we decided to promote our natural dyed technique online and introduce our rustic Bai’s indigo handcrafts to more friends in other parts of world.

Inspired by this rustic oriental style & Bai’s lifestyle, we will develop new collections from concept sketches( by myself), focus on how to dyeing and integrate traditional techniques to an unique handcraft. I absolutely believe you will love the feeling when dress yourself or enter a room styled in a natural comfort art style!

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