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Rocking Your Staycation Beyond Instagram

When it comes to finding the next location for staycay, our decisions usually depends on the photos that we can hunt down on social media. And what we envision ourselves to snap while we are at the hotel pretty much helps to confirm the location. 

For us, we want to take that decision making factor up a notch (and keeping it real) and actually make our staycation worthwhile. Rest and comfort will be taken into serious consideration, apart from how hard we can Instagram. 

We have chosen Wanderlust Hotel as our staycay spot and we're going show you how you can rock your staycay, more than what you see on Instagram. 


Located at a quiet end of Little India, Wanderlust Hotel is a boutique hotel, which is known for its quirky rooms, warranting great photo opportunities. You will be spoilt for choices as Wanderlust Hotel boasts of its 5 major themes that you can choose from - Pantone, Pantone Deluxe, Mono, Mono Deluxe, and Whimsical.

Lucky us, we managed to get hold of the Whimsical Theme - ASCII Room. Designed by fFurious, a local multidisciplinary creative agency that is founded in 1999, the top floor of Wanderlust Hotel brings you into the "Creatures Comforts" zone, offering friendly monsters as companions to travellers. Wander along the corridor and be welcomed by the shadows of the monsters, casted on the walls with specially crafted lanterns. Featuring 9 loft rooms with 5 varying themes, Bling, ASCII, Space, Tree, and Typewriter, you will definitely have a hard time choosing which room to stay in. 

What ASCII aims to do is to catapult guests to a geek zone as the ASCII monster comprising of numerical representations and symbols greets guests as they open the silver door. 

Indeed, we were greeted by these interesting industrial elements the moment we stepped into ASCII. What we really like about the room is that its design has cleverly marked out spaces for your necessities, making the space bigger than you think it actually is.  

Draw the shutters, and welcome natural light into your room. Apart from setting the lighting right for your next trigger-happy session, it also readies you, likens to what morning sun does to you, for the day ahead, just like how you would when you are on vacation.

Bring along pretty belongings to flatlay. Featuring some amazing stuff that you can get from


One of the main reasons one wants to go on a staycay is to do a quick recharge before heading to work and cracking your brains again. So when you are here, do things that you have lost the time to do - read a book, watch tv, or simply just catch up on sleep. 

Read our book recommendations here.

Oh, and let's not forget breakfast.

Our resident photographer, Ain :)


Complimentary breakfast is applicable for most of the staycay-goers, as long as you stayed for a night and above. We were like kids over here, having fun deciding between good ol' local breakfast delights or something hearty like what you see in the photo above. A mini cereal bar is also available to complete a perfect breakfast. And of course, coffee and tea available too for the caffeine heads (a.k.a. us).

Being in the Little India precinct, you can actually wander off and explore the area, just like a tourist. Feel free to take a walk around the area. There is a great selection of food and bar choices along Dunlop Street. Or you can take a slightly longer stroll to Mustafa because what's not to love about shopping at Mustafa? 


Enjoying our prata session after walking around Mustafa


Before you go, hang around the lobby. We have to say Wanderlust Hotel has got one of the coolest lobbies we have ever seen. 

Everything about this lobby screams to be Instagrammed - the furniture chosen, the setting, and even the foosball table. We have to say, we had too much fun with foosball, so much so that we have to pull ourselves away from it before we check out.


This post is sponsored by Unlisted CollectionUnlisted Collection: is the umbrella brand that comprises unique, high quality boutique hotel properties and restaurants in Singapore, London, Shanghai and Sydney. Our hotels are set within heritage listed buildings which have been sensitively restored and re-adapted into radical, cutting edge lifestyle concepts that culminate into an unforgettable experience for our guests.






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