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Read This and Feel Whole Again

It is inevitable for one to feel down and dejected, be it personal life, work or just life in general. You can seek comfort in various ways, and it is when you know you're not alone in this because someone else out there has gone through what you have gone through, do you feel consoled. 

One of our go-to remedies is reading. Poetry, stories and even photographs can help to make us feel warm and whole again. Here are our recommendations of literary and photography fixes that you can use to feel whole again.


1. To You Out There by Clarice Ng

To You Out There, Math Paper Press, $12

This pocket sized illustrative book is written and illustrated by Clarice Ng, a Singaporean artist inspired by day to day observations, who is always Naiise's ex-intern. Clarice writes about the importance of picking yourself up and being comfortable in your own skin. It is through these simple reminders that will help you to pick up the pieces you have left behind and start over with a new perspective.


2. How Loneliness Goes by Nguan 

How Loneliness GoesMath Paper Press, $50

Known for his pastel hue photographs, Nguan showed us, through his eyes, the possibility of beauty as a balm of our sorrows. The subjects and the colours give us the unavoidable bittersweet blues.


3. What Gives Us Our Names by Alvin Pang

What Gives Us Our NamesMath Paper Press, $10

This book explores an interesting perspective of when emotional states such as Success, Failure, Progress and Hope are characters. The vivid and accurate personification of each emotion will remind you again exactly what each word truly means, giving you the motivation you need to keep doing what you do. Definitely one of the books that will make you feel good after.


4. EAT Book by Fable

EAT Book, Fable, $30

EAT takes on an abstract approach of one's perception towards how every individual begins his meal. Whether having a meal alone or dining with a group, both the mind and palette comes together in anticipation, beginning from a clean slate, keenly awaiting what is in store. Perceptions and conversations are formed thereafter. 


5. Occupational Hazards by Mayo Martin 

Occupational HazardsMath Paper Press, $16

Occupational Hazards is a collection of poems by Mayo Martin that are funny and absurd, tender and sombre, and always bristling with the restless energy of the curious. A light read to take your mind off work and fill your quiet afternoons.


6. Straw, Sticks, Brick by Cyril Wong

Straw, Sticks, BrickMath Paper Press, $16

Cyril Wong's Straw, Sticks, Brick dives into the darkest corners of life, delusions of work, family, and the paradoxes of love and lust. Though he writes about such misadventures, he brings you back to its triumphs and light as well. 


7. Tender Delirium by Tania de Rozario

Tender Delirium, Math Paper Press, $16

A series of relatable short proses and poems that your heart can relate, Tender Delirium is a book that you can read over and over again with new discoveries for the matters of the heart.


7. Keeping Skeletons by Tan Lixin

Keeping SkeletonsMath Paper Press, $16

In a society where oppression is rife, Keep Skeletons is about staying true to your dreams and ambitions even when it seems out of reach. It is about safe guarding our memories, that of what we hold dear.








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