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Naiise Camp Christmas Jamboree Night

A week ago, we gathered all campers at Naiise Camp Christmas and have a jamboree night, bringing old and new friends together and catching up before the year ends. 

Located at 66 Kampong Bugis, Level 7, Naiise Camp Christmas is Naiise's 3rd Christmas pop-up store, themed and geared towards camping. As usual, we always throw a Christmas party at our Christmas pop-up stores for our friends and family, partners and media to celebrate and end the year with a bang.

Let's take a little trip down what happened at our camp last Thursday!


Thank you 1872 Clipper Tea, doob®, Happy Rabbit Co., Harper's Bazaar, Kwong Woh Hing Sauce Factory, Made by FresskoMokuyobi ThreadsSayWhat?  for your generosity, making our goodie bag packed with lots of awesome treats for our guests!

Just some of the many goofy photos of our interns at work.


We also stole some time to work on our long awaited mannequin challenge!

Also, for all our guests at the party and shoppers who are going to be at Naiise Camp Christmas, you will be given this Scout ID card, which you can fill in your details in front, and score some amazing proficiency iron-on patches, designed by Naiise, when you complete the tasks at the back of the card. 

And the party started!

Apart from great shopping experiences, we also work really hard and do our best to feed our guests well, especially at our parties. 

Here's The Wicked Cream Co. charming our guests with their mesmerising live roasting of marshmallows. 

Free-flow churros from the awesome folks at Loco Loco.

One of the popular eats at the party is Uncle G's Handmade. Their crispy roast pork is A+++!

Nothing beats the freshest and hottest otah from Ikan Tangkap Sendiri. Everyone was lured into queueing up for this, and boy was it worth it. 

Fish Sh-nack also garnered a lot of support and love for their star Sh-ken Don. 

Nothing beats a good dessert like these Dutch mini pancakes, also known as poffertjes, from Yummy Poffertjes. Read more about their story here

And thank you Mister Potato for the wonderful sweet potato chips! 

Fawr & Co has also got some really delicious coffee for those who need the caffeine kick. They'll also be stationed at Naiise Camp Christmas every weekend, serving you great Christmasy beverages such as Vanilla Chai, Dirty Chai, Hot Chocolate, Iced Tea. And if you've been wondering how West Coast Cocoa tastes like, you can try them at Fawr & Co!

Also, thank you  Tiger Brewery Tour for the all-night free-flow Tiger beer, Orangina, and Perrier for quenching our thirsts at Naiise Camp Christmas!

Not forgetting the good folks from SPARK Asia, who guided all our guests to snap cool photos at the iconic lift and get their photos taken at Naiise Camp Christmas printed. <3

A BIG thank you to our spontaneous participants who took part in our Christmas wreath workshop, where part of the workshop proceeds are going to The Red Pencil

We can't say enough thanks to everyone who made our party and store possible. Huge thank you to all our vendors and partners, and guests! To another year of great partnership ahead. <3

Merry Christmas everyone!


Naiise Camp Christmas
66 Kampong Bugis
Level 7
Fridays - Sundays
12pm - 9pm







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