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Let's Go Dutch!

At a glance, many Singaporeans would have passed this off as just mini pancakes. But what many don't know, somewhere in Netherlands, these have a name and they are called poffertjes, or Dutch mini pancakes. Being rather new in Singapore's food scene, Yummy Poffertjes has emerged and piqued our interest, so much so that we need to have them at Naiise Camp Christmas so that you get a chance to taste them too!

We spoke to Bren and Lily, the founders behind Yummy Poffertjes, and they will share with us what's it like to be doing what they love.

What were you doing before Yummy Poffertjes (YP)?

Lily: I was a party & wedding planner, and a Peranakan Private Home Chef while Bren was a seminar trainer and property developer. We were a duo of serial entrepreneurs who are always looking into various businesses, especially in the F&B sector.

How did YP come about?

Bren: You can say we are accidental food-preneurs. Lily grew up with Peranakan, Thai and Dutch influence and poffertjes was one of her favourite snacks she ate as a child. One day when she had a craving for poffertjes, Lily’s Mum gave her a poffertjes pan and asked her to cook it herself. We next made poffertjes for a friend’s son’s birthday celebration and it became an instant hit with all the kids. Subsequently, we were invited to other parties and it was then we decided to turn it into a business.

How is the reception of poffertjes ever since you started YP?

Poffertjes, or Dutch mini pancakes, are popular street food in Nederlands. Since we started Yummy Poffertjes, it’s been an instant hit with adults and children alike at our pop-up stores. Poffertjes are happy food, just like ice-cream, and you will always love it.

What is the one of the things that keep you going at YP?

Once we had a young boy who came to our store and ordered a plate of poffertjes. After gobbling up the whole plate of poffertjes, the boy came back crying to us because he finished his poffertjes. His father had to buy his son another plate just to appease him.

We also have our followers who message us over the weekend asking where we are "popping" up next as their pregnant wife/kids are bugging them for our poffertjes. It is experiences like these, and the many happy faces and positive feedback that we receive after our customers bite into our Yummy Poffertjes that keep us going.

What is one of the craziest flavours you have imagined for poffertjes/stroopwafels? Fried Chicken Stroopwafels and Giant Smore Stroopwafels (fire-roasted marshmallows and a layer of melting cinnamon syrup sandwiched between two pieces of giant stroopwafels as BIG as your face).

We are also experimenting with other Singapore flavours like Pandan, Bak Kwa and Buah Keluak). Savoury pffertjes such as Sour Cream & Chive Poffertjes or Tiramisu with Baileys/Tia Maria sauce (alcohol content for the ones who like a little "kick" in the aftertaste)

What would you recommend our fellow campers to try at YP when they are visit Naiise Camp Christmas?

For the poffertjes, don’t just have it the traditional way with butter and icing sugar. Be adventurous and squeeze on our hand-made sauces, like Cinnamon Gula Melaka, Dulche De Leche (4-hours caramelised condensed milk), and Dark Chocolate. We’ll also have ready gift-packed stroopwafels which will make as handy Christmas gifts for your loved ones.  

And word of advice for budding food-preneurs?

Have fun and play, be brave and take the first step as you will never know where it will lead you.


Do come by Naiise Camp Christmas at 66 Kampong Bugis, Level 7, this Saturday (3 Dec) and Sunday (4 Dec), and enjoy these freshly made poffertjes and stroopwafels by Yummy Poffertjes.

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Ganesan - July 25, 2019

Where can i find this dutch mini pancakes in singapore😍

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