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Join us as we embark on a journey of Inspiring Creativity in a Glocalized World!


Come 10 & 11 Sep, Naiise will be throwing its inaugural food and design event, I EAT DESIGN, at Naiise @ The Cathay. From 1 - 9pm, guests can enjoy awesome food selections while attending food-and-craft workshops and appreciating food-themed installations. Feast to your heart's content indeed!

Singapore is undeniably in love with food. People get their bums off their couches and travel the miles to try out new cafes, eateries, restaurants etc. Eating is definitely one of Singapore's favourite pastimes. 

From the salted egg yolk craze that successfully make every Singaporean drool, to the perennial favourite, matcha, which our friends over at Matchaya excel at, especially with the launch of their new cafe (do head down to show your support!). Novel food trends like the latest unicorn-themed (Unicorn Tears, anyone?), and galaxy-inspired food wave (look at these Galaxy Donuts!) sure made it into the foodies' must-try list. 

Also, the most recent launch of the MICHELIN Guide Singapore probably sent the whole country in a frenzy, with bursting pride and joy for the establishments who made the cut. This bears testament to just how important a role food plays in the lives of us Singaporeans - seriously, send some food our way and we'd go nuts. 

Throwback to the last time when Lokalfeed and Kakis sent some yummy food over! 


And some foodies do amazing things with food as their main source of medium. Be it a photography project documenting food on fork, putting the effort to make and arrange food creativelyturning food into cute crocheted accessories, there are many ways to inject creativity when it comes to the subject of food.

Photo Credits: Fork on Food

Photo Credits: Operation Overhaul

Photo Credits: Little Miss Bento


That is how I Eat Design came about. At Naiise, we believe that design exists in many forms, and one of them is food. Food in itself becomes inspirations and topics for creatives, helping them to embark on their next artistic project, allowing their audience to see a different perspective of food. We are very psyched to bring this palate-awakening experience to you, while putting the marriage of the duo of food and design to test. 

In the upcoming weeks, we will be sharing more with you on what you can expect at I EAT DESIGN, from the food you can savour, to the installations you can appreciate, to the workshops you can attend. Follow our event page and be posted on the latest updates!



Date: 10 - 11 Sep 2016
Time: 1pm - 9pm
Location: Naiise at The Cathay, #B1-08




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