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Naiise Munch: Lokalfeed And Kakis

Just on Monday, the good folks at Lokalfeed And Kakis have sent us some yummy lunch down to our office. And we feel you need to know about them, pronto.

Living in a fast-paced environment, Lokalfeed And Kakis understands the importance of quick fresh meals made from wholesome ingredients, where you have a choice to either do pick-up or delivered. Their team comprises of 2 national athletes and their dear 'kaki'-a nutritionist. To them, their Kakis are their camaraderie and fun ignitors – essentially made up of like-minded individuals with the vigour to drive this movement, because they see themselves as friends of the community and take pride in finding new ways to sustain this spirit of togetherness.

As part of this initiation, they aim to build a one-stop hub for all, where everyone from all walks of life have a platform not only for them to provide healthy meals, but a step to a better you. They know everyone needs a cheat meal occasionally, so they've also included a cheat meal from Wilder!  

Indeed, we were delivered tasty, wholesome, healthy food, and at Naiise, it's in the picking and sharing of food do we know we have truly enjoyed our meal. 

Oh and also, for every meal that you purchased, 10cents will be pooled into the fund where they will provide a meal for social organisations/causes, and the underserved in society.

Eat good, do good.


Also, here's a perk for you lucky readers:

  • Quote "BeNaiise" and be entitled to 10% discount* per order. 
  • Quote "BeNaiise50" (with min. order $50, get 2 of their Iced Espresso on the house*) 

*Terms & Conditions apply.


Check out their awesome menu and start placing your order now!



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