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How Are You Falling Today?

October has started to make its appearance for the year, and slowly reminding us that you are left with merely 3 months (or less) for the year ahead. While we are mid-way through fall, and that Singapore doesn't have fall (it's still so hot!), we have some ways that you can use to welcome fall and enjoy whatever that is left of it. 


1. Warm Moody Tones

Photo Credits : Wales Online

When we speak about fall, the moody yet warm tones of orange, purple and browns come to mind. Sprinkle home decor pieces of that colour palette and instantly see the change of mood at home. Copper and bronze can also make a great alternative choice for your fall look.


2. Candle With Care

Sandalwood Nutmeg Soy CandleHush Candles, $18

Candle (Copper) - Fig Tree, SOH Melbourne, $89.90

Apples & Maples Bourbon Soy Candle TinThe Besotted Things$32

When we think of autumn, the scent of spices will be one of the first things that comes to our minds. Light up candles around the house with these woody and spicy scents, and get the fall going.


3. Star Light, Star Bright

Midnight Sparks Battery Powered Fairy LightsMidnight Sparks, $32.10

Full Moon Table Lamp, EY-Products, $332

Charlotte Driftwood Lamp, Soho Living, $128.40

One of the easiest and most convenient way to set the mood for a space is lighting. And something about the lighting that reminds you of natural night lighting that reminds you of the woods can invite fall in immediately. 

Find other lighting options here.


4. A Cuppa Tea, Will You?

Prana Chai - Masala Blend 250G, a.muse projects, $29.96  

Vanilla Chai, West Coast Cocoa, $21.50

Lemon Ginger Mint TeaGryphon Tea, $20.95

Something about fall makes us wanna cuddle up, have a cup of spiced tea, and catch a heartwarming movie, just like how you would for winter. 





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