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Stay Lit, My Friend

Apart from providing you with the ability to see things, good lighting can help to set the mood right, creating a good ambience to work, play, or simply chill. Today, we are going to show you how lighting design can set the tone and atmosphere for your space, beyond the warmth of the lighting. 


Lueur Lamp in Pink, Tinge, $212.90

To us, this is more than just a lighting; it's a brilliant home decor piece. A collaboration between Desinere and Tinge, Lueur is a series of lames with a quiet ambition to change the way you look at lighting. Featuring an origami-style of lamp shade, a couple of these will make an eye-catching centrepiece for your home. 


Magnus Floating Bulb, FLYTE, $500

Intriguing and beautiful, this floating bulb keeps your eyes locked on it, while it lights up your space. FLYTE is a levitating light which hovers by magnetic levitation. Designed in Sweden, this floating bulb will complement your minimalistic home seamlessly. 


Babylon Light Triple Cluster, Object/Interface, $2,100 

For those of you who embraces your greens as part of your interior design, this would be a great 2-in-1 lighting idea for your home. Coupling the cascading hanging garden with the cluster of 3 lights, this will make a statement lighting choice for your home against the white walls that you've got. 

Note: Plants not included.


Balloon X Lamp, Haoshi, $149 

Perfect as night lamps for your room or nursery, these balloon lights are adorable enough as standalone decor for your space. Cute right?


Letter Marquee Light, Serafina Living, $138.10 

Marquee lights are statement making themselves, and if you were to put the different letters together to form a word, it will definitely steal the limelight. Apart from placing this at home, you can use this for events, such as weddings and birthday parties, too.


Midnight Sparks Battery Powered Fairy Lights, Midnight Sparks, $32.10

Everyone loves fairy lights. And what Midnight Sparks' fairy lights offer is a brighter, and if you will, more fairy-ish vibes. Be it for festivities or to create a cosy atmosphere for your crib, this will be a delightful choice. 










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