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Avengers: Infinity War - All! The! Feels!

The Infinity War craze is at its all time high, and for good reason. We've waited 10!! WHOLE!!! YEARS!!! for this action-packed, star-studded film, and we can only sum up our feels in 2 words - no. ragrets.

We're sure you've seen plenty Infinity War Spoilers Without Context memes. Without risking spoiling anything, here's our take on the Spoilers Without Context, Naiise product editions.

Grab your tissues because it's going to be a bumpy emotional rollercoaster ride (we're not saying we're already ugly sobbing).

1. Under The Sea Giant Squid Toy, P.L.A.Y., $29.70

2. Giant Eyeball Pool Float, BigMouth Inc, $59.90

3. Bali Bhairawa Black Coarse Salt, The Indiana Supply CO., $4.50

4. "Siang-Kah Pager" Tote Bag, Sibeynostalgic, $24.90

5. Wee Grady Bunny Plush, Bunnies By The Bay, $25.90

6. PROTECT - Natural Amethyst Necklace, Wabi Sabi and Me, $28.50

7. Figure - My Better Half, Steaks & Eggs Please, $7.30

8. Before We Are Ghosts, Math Paper Press, $16

Is that a tear in our eyes, you ask? Oh no, it's just.. a stick.. or something..... in our eyes.

LEAVE US ALONE, MARVEL! Now let us go lay down for a while.

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