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Drink Up - 8 Types Of Bottles For 8 Types of Drinkers!

We all know how humid it gets here in Singapore and we all know how important hydration is. An article by Straits Times states that in Singapore we use 467 million plastic bottles a year! So let's try switching up those plastic cups to reusable bottles and if you're already fan of reusable bottles, we've rounded up a list of bottles and mugs - to keep you hydrated!

1) For the Chic Bottle Carrier 

MOSH! Stainless Steel Bottle by Mosh

MOSH! promises to keep your beverages hot or cold for up to 12 hours. Built in firing Styrofoam, so it's perfect for hot tea and hot coffee drinkers!

2) For that Wanderlust Friend

A Wise Man Travels Reusable Tumbler with Flip by Creme&Noir

Tumblers that have inspirational travelling quotes? Say no more. With it's transparent outlook, it's also good to show off your lattes and fancy drinks!

3) For That Spiritual Friend ( Who might be looking for love? )

I Am Love Elemental Elixir Crystal Bottle by Man&Mage

This one's a bit special! Each bottle from Man&Mage comes with a crystal made for different purposes. Don't forget to cleanse and charge your crystals and with all things in nature, no two crystals are exactly alike. But if you're not looking for love, we've got other types of bottles with Abundance, Peace, Infinite Stones!

4) For the Friend Who Needs To Drink More Water

Drink More Water by The Paper Bunny

Slim, pretty and super compact (it's the size of your average notebook). This bottle fits in your tote and it's super light! Plus, it comes with a quote to remind ourselves to hydrate!

5) For the no-spill friend! 

Artiart Grace Suction Mug by Artiart

No more spills, yes, you heard us right! No more spills with the suction cup! We all know that person who hates messes and can't stand it. So this gives them a good piece of mind. Pro tip: If you wonder how you can lift this mug, you'll need to lift it up vertically.

6) For the outdoor-sy friend

Bubi Bottle (14oz) by Bubi Bottle

Once you're done, roll it up and you're good to go! It's the world's first scrunchable, BPA free, multi-use water bottle. Once you roll it up, slot it in the keyring and it collapses to half its size!

7) For the minimalist  

Sttoke Reusable Coffee Cup by Sttoke

Working on the tagline of " We want every sip to be your first " , each cup comes with double wall insulatio so you can enjoy your sip of your beverage without the compromise of taste or temperature for up to 3 hours! And did we mention...shatter-proof?

8) For the 'cool' friend

Vacuum Insulated Carafe Bottle by Manna

Keep your drinks chilly with Manna's range of bottles. Each bottle comes with  a large opening for filling and adding ice and a narrow mouth for drinking. It is leak-proof and sweat-proof, features a screw-on lid with a carry handle! 

Can't find what you're looking for? Shop our full list of bottles here.

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