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5 Tips To Make A Lasting First Impression For Your Next Interview

It's the time of the year - you're looking for a change of environment, a fresh breath of air, hoping to work for a company that you truly are passionate about, with regards to the business and what they stand for. 

We know you probably have done your research on all possible questions that they will be asking, with a grand speech in tow about how you would love to be part of this dream team. But what could give you that extra boost in confidence is the way you dress and the way you present yourself. Studies have shown that it takes as fast as 7 to 17 seconds to form first impressions, and about "55% of a person's opinion is determined by physical appearance".

So we'll help you along in that department. Read on and browse the 5 tips that we have picked for you to impress and make a lasting first impression for your future boss, in the right way. 

*Do note that this tips apply to various job industries. Choose those that best represent you while staying in sync with your potential new company's image.

1. Sock-cessful Interview

Spotty Socks in Navy, Loco, $14.90

Dexter Socks, Barnaby, $20


Bloop Socks, The Sock Avenue, $5.90

Let's start everything from the bottom. Though it's the most unnoticeable part of your entire outfit, socks still play a part in bringing out your personality. Fun and colourful, or solid and classy - you decide how you want to portray yourself for your dream job, and that, will definitely boost your confidence a little at least. 

2. Cool and Unique Accessories

Frank Bow Tie, Taru Woodworks, $45

I Am A Hokkien Pin, Sibeynostalgic, $15 

AM 08210, ALO Korea, $180

"Remember the girl with that cute little pin?", "How about that dude with the round specs?", or "Maybe we should talk to the guy with the interesting bow tie?" - Little elements like this to your outfit can help your interviewer to remember you better. These can also help to create little conversations between your interviewer and you, which might help you score some brownie points along the way. 

3. Bag It Your Way

Leather Carry-all - Black & Royal Blue, still.products, $178

Alden Folio in Navy, Gnome & Bow, $215

Hamptons Bag in Grey, VENQUE, $211

Turning up at the interview with a presentable bag to house your essential documents and certifications can also help you make a good impression. It will say a lot about you, whether you are neat and tidy, or messy and unkempt. Even if you are a messy type, don't show it during the interview. #justsaying

4. Killing Them Softly

Amber Series Watch in Black, Simpl, $160 

Kris Cuff, Stale & Co., $89

Bare None Nail Polish, Coat Colours, $25

If you are heading for an interview at a corporate firm or a company with a more formal setting, it will be wise to tone down a little on what you wear, in terms of colours, patterns and style. That does not, however, equate to being boring. You can go for quieter tones in the black and white department, or keeping your accessories simple and sleek. 

5. Say It With Your Phone Case

Abstract iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus Phone Case, Emaley, $29

Slipper Phone Case in Whiskey, This Is Ground, $109


Navy Check Phone Case, 3MONTHS, $41

Although you shouldn't be on your phone during an interview, it is still good to have a phone case that is stylish and classy. It says quite a bit of your taste when it comes to phone cases. Whether you are a someone who pay attention to functions or someone who has an eye for aesthetics, it will show on the choices you made for your accessories and outfits. 

With that said, this is just a reference of how you can dress yourself up for an interview. The ultimate success of landing yourself in a dream job still lies your overall interview performance. We hope these little tips might help to boost your confidence and calm your nerves before the interview. 

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