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50 Items In 50 Shades of Grey

You have probably read this iconic tantalising trilogy, heard about the hype when they wanted to make a movie out of it, and even watched the movie on the very day when it opened at the theatres. It is undeniable - 50 Shades of Grey has become the biggest and hottest topic this month. Keeping everything light, PG, and fun, we have chosen 50 items in all possible shades of grey from Naiise. Read on and let them turn you on!

1. Mujjo

Peta Singapura, from $35
Shopper, $229
12. Loco
20. Qualy
Mustang Onesie, $53  
28. Cuckoo
32. Lexon
36. Uyii
38. MRKT
39. HAND
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Naiise Editor - August 31, 2015

Hey Alan

Thank you for your comment!

We currently do not have them in stores. You can place an order online if you are fine with that. :)

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you and have a great evening ahead!

Naiise Editor

Alan - August 30, 2015


Do you still carry the #2 item, PETA Singapura? Or do you have the actual piece on display in any of your stores for a closer look before purchase?


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