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10 Cool Gifts That Your Colleague Will Definitely Use

...or not. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Just kidding - we know it's not easy shopping for gifts for colleagues. We want to gift our co-workers something that is not only appropriate, clever, but also - useful! After all, our colleagues deserve the best gifts - they are the one who file that extra paperwork for you, or cover for you when you want a day off.

If you are still stumped for ideas on your Secret Santa gifts, farewell presents, birthday, or thank you gifts, no sweats! Check out this handy list of 10 gift ideas that your colleagues will actually love. (Or check out this comprehensive collection of 30 under $30 gifts that won't break the bank!) 

(pro tip: these make awesome Christmas gifts for colleagues - you can shop them online and have the presents delivered straight to your co-worker. Local shipping in Singapore is from $1!)

1. Funtime Gifts Emergency Power Nap Pillow by Zigzagme ($20.90)
A couple of hearty puffs on the inflating tube and the emergency pillow is ready to cushion a weary head. Conveniently sized for discrete use at work, at school, or anywhere the mood takes you.

2. Work From Home Self-care Kit by Zenkle ($75.00)
Send your loved ones and co-workers a Work From Home Self-care Kit to add a little more comfort to the WFH life during this special time. This gift box will help your colleagues relax and de-stress after a long day.

3. Kopibag Mug (Plastic) by Ok Can Lah ($6.80)
Singapore's kopi da-bao (coffee, to-go) comes in a strung-up plastic bag. Light and spill-proof, it is the epitome of pure function. It holds up a bag of coffee perfectly so there's no need to find a place to hang your daily brew!

4. Merde! Bathroom Therapy Cover Up Drops by Kintsukuroi Studio ($28.00)
Leave no traces, and hopefully none the wiser. Drip a few drops in the toilet after activity. Neutralises odours for the well-being of subsequent visitors.

5. Doiy - What Can I Eat Today? by The Planet Collection ($15.00)
100 meal suggestions for when you do not know what to eat. Determine your mood, pull out a ticket, take it off and enjoy your meal!

6. Ultrameh Office Buddy Designer Stationery by Tee-saurus ($28.90)
Packed with 31 funny reasons and mood board to portray your feelings, update where you are or the period of time you will be away with the erasable white boxes.

7. Funtime Gifts World Smallest Vaccuum Cleaner by Zigzagme ($35.90)
This is a beautifully proportioned vacuum cleaner that really works. Perfect for home, office table or even those tight corners in the car.

8. Motivation Puns Engraved Coasters by SHOPKUSTOMISE ($16.50)
Make your coworker's day with this useful & motivational coaster. Make it extra special by customising it with their name!

9. Sushi Foldaway Shopping Bag - Salmon by The Daydreamer Studio ($17.50)
Trust us, nothing is more useful than a shopping bag. This gift is both functional, and adorable - you can't ask for more.

10. Ameba Notebook - Give 100% At Work by Zigzagme ($17.50)
Did we mention it's 100% over 5 days? Not recommended for gifting to your boss.

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