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Christmas Gift Ideas To Impress Those Who Got It All

Every year like clockwork, the million dollar question of "What should I give someone who already has everything?" comes up when we are going through our Christmas shopping list. It is indeed hard to shop for someone who doesn't need anything in particular, even harder if you want to impress them with your choice of gifts. 

We have gone through hundreds of products, just to find the finest of the crop, giving you the Christmas gift ideas that will delight and impress your loved ones. Shop online and buy some of these 2020 awesome Christmas gifts. 


1. Sugar Daisy - Floret Diffuser, Spongélle, $77

Cleanse. Exfoliate. Massage. Nourish. For more information on Spongelle products, head over here to find out more! 

2. Slow Times Doll House, Blue Stone Craft, $149.90

3. Film Bauble Box (LED), Us The Creators, $55 (U.P. $60)

4. Carousel Tea Set, Maid in China, $270

5. Mantra Multi-Chakra Charm Cord Bracelet, CHAKRA BY PIYA, from $450

6. Crystal Essential Oil Roller Subscription, Kintsukuroi Studio, $109.90

7. [GeneLife Myself 2.0] DIY Personality DNA Testing Kit 5.0, GeneLife Official Store, $249

8. R2 Lumbar Traction Device, Eleeels, $341

9. Opus Laptop Tote, Reole Leather Bags & Wallets, $180

10. Adult Metallic Outdoor Rabbit Chair (Pre-order), Qeeboo, $2300

11. Wild & Wolf - 8 Inch Night Sky Globe with Swivel Stand, The Planet Collection, $188

12. Personalised Star Constellation Maps,, $24.90

13. Wild and Wolf Copper Retro Phone, The Planet Collection, $188

14. Mooi Ultimate Couple Oral Care Set, Mooi Beauty, $209

15. Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean Bag (Pre-Order), Chic Sin Design, $399

16. Travel Shaving Set with Gillette Fusion Razor, MÜHLE Singapore, $358

17. Rojak Gin, Compendium, $108

18. Navy Halter Neck Max Dress, Whispers & Anarchy, $185 

19. 1818 Legend of Redhill MugSCENE SHANG  $28.90

20. Premium Scarlet Robe - 100g Tea , CAMELLIA茗岩® ,  $88.00

21. Pink Bouquet Ring , Salalo Amot $140

22. 100x Singapore Wall Art , MB Art - MemoryBoards $170

For more Christmas gift ideas to impress those who have got it all, click here for more.
Still can't find the right gift? 

E-Gift Cards (From $5.00) by Naiise

If you can't decide what to gift, why not let them decide it for you? Shop E-Gift Cards from $5! 

To send a Naiise e-Gift Card to someone, simply add a message and the email address of the person you would like to send the card to upon check out. Please input this information into the order note field. We will then send it directly to the recipient.

Get It Gift Wrapped At The Gift Bar @ Naiise Iconic

Make your gift extra special and get them gift wrapped at The Gift Bar! Select from a variety of gift wraps and personalisation options such as hot stamp, hot wax seal stamp and top it off with a hand written card! 

The Gift Bar @ Naiise Iconic 

Jewel Changi Airport #02-205/206
Singapore 819666
Opening Hours:
Monday- Friday :11.30am-8.30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am-10pm

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