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Join us as we embark on a journey of Inspiring Creativity in a Glocalized World!

Harris bin Potter


Excerpt 6
The next booth the three friends visited was for something called ‘quidditch’. The short bespectacled girl at the counter explained, in an excited, high-pitched voice, the game to them, and the three friends wondered how it got approved as a CCA, let alone come into existence. “So players will ride their broomsticks – “ “Broomsticks? That’s unhygienic! People sweep the floor with those things!” Her-Aku-Punya-Lutut said. “The broomsticks help them fly – “ “That’s dangerous!” Her-Aku-Punya-Lutut had begun gesticulating at this point. “And still unhygienic.” “There’s three balls – “ “That’s confusing!” said Ron. “One of them is called the quaffle. Players called chasers will attempt to throw them into one of three hoops.” “Are there different points for different hoops?” Harris asked. “No. You score ten points for your team as long as you put the quaffle through any one of your opponent’s hoops. But do you know that the quaffles are magically enchanted to fall very slowly through the air so players don’t have to keep diving to retrieve it?” “That is really useless information,” Her-Aku-Punya-Lutut said. “I wish I had some magically enchanted waffles,” Ron said absently.

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