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Design Circuit by Naiise


Ditch the 'grams and discover an alternative side of Singapore on your own terms.

This 9 Sep 2017, Naiise is partnering oBike Singapore for Design Circuit, a one-day event that lets you discover our city centre's most creative pit stops on wheels!

Gather your friends and sign-up for Singapore's first design, lifestyle and heritage cycling trail that gives you exclusive access to 10 pit stops, including crowd favourites like Kult Studio, Basheer Graphics and Funan Showsuite, as well as complimentary refreshments from our refuel stop sponsors like Soi 55 and Everything With Fries.

The race will commence and close at Naiise @ orchardgateway (#02-24). Participants will be able to pick up an oBike after registration to kick off their journey for the day.

Be the first ten participants to complete the trail by completing a task at each pit stop and receive a $50 gift card from Naiise, as well as an oBike drawstring bag and 5 free oBike rides worth $25.

Registration is now open here.


RSVP today at our Official Event Page.

For further clarification of event details, please write in to us at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the duration and time for the event?

The event will officially kick off at 3pm and close at 9pm on 9 Sep 2017.

2. What time does registration start?

Registration will open at 2pm. You'll be able to collect your bicycles after registration and head off on your journey. Do note, however, that all pit stops and refuel stops will only open at 3pm.

3. Are you accepting walk-ins?

Yes, we are. However, we will strongly encourage you to sign up with us online to reserve your bike, and also be entitled to our race pack!

4. What time does registration end?

Registration will continue until the event of event as we are also accepting walk-ins. We strongly advise all participants to register before the event officially begins at 3pm, to allow time for you to collect your bicycle and proceed to the different pit stops and refuel stops.

5. Is there an min. age requirement for me to join the event?

No, we welcome anyone of any age to participate and join in the fun. However, participants below the age of 18 will be required to seek parental/guardian consent. They would also need to fill up an indemnity declaration form upon registration on the event day, failing which, Naiise reserves the right to refuse race entry to the participant.

For participants below the age of 15 (as of 9 September 2017), he/she must be accompanied by a parent/guardian, aged 18 and above, for the entire event. The accompanying parent/guardian is encouraged to sign up as a participant to enjoy the event's planned activities as well.

Do also note that Get Juiced is one of our refuel stops for the event. As they are a bar, they do have a min. age entry of 18 years old.

6. How do I know if my registration has been successful?

You should receive an Order Confirmation email upon successful registration. The email should contain an Order Number that we can use to identify you/your team representation (i.e. the participant who placed the order). Please contact us at [email protected] if you did not receive this Confirmation email after registration.

7. What do I have to bring for registration?

Please bring along your Order Confirmation email, identification card and indemnity form upon registration. Your indemnity form will be emailed to you after successful registration.

For Pair/Group registrations, please ensure that all members in your group has arrived before registering.

8. Can I get a refund should I decide to withdraw from participation?

We are unable to provide refunds should you withdraw from participation within a week of the event date.

9. Am I allowed to transfer my event entry to someone else?

Our event entries are strictly non-transferable.

10. What will be in the race pack?

There will be an event guide, snacks, water, face mist and wet tissue, sponsored by our friendly partners.



Use of oBike:

1. Do I have to download the oBike app?

Yes, you do, in order for you to be able to unlock the bikes for use. Please also take note that you will be required to make a refundable deposit of $49* before you can use the app.

*Students will only need to make a refundable deposit of $19, with proof of Student ID.

2. How do I reserve my bike when I'm visiting a pit stop or refuel stop?

You can reserve your bike for 10 minutes by clicking "reserve" on the oBike app. Alternatively, you can unlock another bike in the vicinity.

3. Where can I park my bike?

The bike should be returned to the designated public bike parking area or bike parking coil. Please do not park your bikes in a private place, where others can't find it. It would also be good if you can return the bike to an area designated public bike parking area.

You can find more information and FAQs about oBike here.



Event Information:

1. Is there a specific event attire?

No, but do come dressed comfortably as you will be cycling for a good half day! It is also important that you wear covered shoes for safety purposes, and you are highly encouraged to look after your own safety by wearing helmets when riding oBikes.

2. Is there a specific route to follow?

No, there isn't. Upon registration, you will be provided with an event guide that lists all 10 pit stops and our refuel stops. You are then able to organically choose your route from there.

3. How should we receive updates?

On the event day, we will be providing live updates on Naiise's Instagram Story. Do keep a lookout for it, especially for updates on the redemption of food at our refuel stops as well.

4. In the case of emergency, who should we contact?

You can find the contact numbers for the event organizers in the event guide book that you will receive upon registration.

5.Is there a penalty should I be unable to complete the event?

No, there won't be. We want you to go through this journey on your own terms, and if that means not completing the journey, that's fine! So long as you're able to find out more about Singapore's design scene throughout the course, we'll take it as we've succeeded.

6. Do I have to go back to orchardgateway after the event ends?

No, it is not compulsory to. However, if you think you might be in the running for the prizes, pop by before 10pm for us to validate your results.

7. What are the prizes?

For the first 10 participants who manage to complete the activities at all 10 pit stops, you will receive a $50 Naiise Gift Card, as well as free oBike rides worth $25!