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About Singapore: Inside Out & Naiise is an online design retailer based in Singapore. We believe in the value of good design and are on the mission to promote better design that adds value to your everyday life, making it more accessible to the average person. Since we were founded two years ago, we have grown our product range to more than 4,000 products from 330+ brands from around the world. More importantly, we have created a sustainable platform where local designers can showcase their products to larger audiences, thus expanding their addressable market and reach. More than half of the products on Naiise are designed or made in Singapore.

We are honoured and excited to be the official retail partner for Singapore: Inside Out, a travelling showcase that aims to bring local art, music and design to major cities abroad. We believe that our goals are aligned with Singapore Tourism Board, as we share the same desire in helping to export our local talent and enlarge their addressable market to beyond our shores, building added cultural credibility to Singapore. We are also excited to work together with STB to increase our product categories to include local literature, music and film, genres that are new to Naiise and introduced in conjunction with Singapore: Inside Out.