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Soaps Daily

In short, it's an alternative soap to Castile Soap. Please read the differences below. TQ!

What are the differences between BASTILLE & CASTILE SOAP? 

Castile soap contains 100% pure olive oil. Bastille soap on the other hand is made mostly with olive oil (not less than 70%) along with other oils/fats/butters that not only nourish the skin but also cleanse it!

Unless you have very sensitive skin, Castile soap does not cleanse very well, but it is very moisturizing. The main ingredient of Castile soap is pure olive oil, because of this factor; it is very weak in cleansing and does not lather very well compared to Bastille soaps.

All of our soaps contain coconut oil, which cleans and lathers well, but can be very drying. So we have added other oils and butters to keep your skin clean, supple and moisturised.

Our customers have often labelled us as "The Better Castile Soap", but we like to call ourselves "The Better Everyday Soap". Don't you agree?

The Soapy Team ;)


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