Paladone began life in 1994 as a small novelty gift company. Now, a couple of decades later we’ve dropped the ‘novelty’ and deliver trend-based, innovative, beautifully designed and packed gifts and merchandise to over 80 countries across the globe. From our offices in the UK, US and HK we design and distribute directly from Brighton UK, Texas US, or the Far East. Our mission is to create the best gift products and deliver them to our customers with an unrivalled customer focussed service
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Scotts & Laswson HIIT Dice Game

AVAILABILITY: In stock (1 item)

VENDOR: Paladone

Get in shape and have fun with this Scott & Lawson HIIT Dice Game, and freshen up your workout routine, whilst adding an element of surprise and fun. Roll the dice to see which exercise you have to do, then...

19.90 SGD
Scotts & Lawson Travel Mug

AVAILABILITY: In stock (12 items)

VENDOR: Paladone

A stylish travel mug from Scott & Lawson. Fully insulated to keep your drink warm, you can take your favourite drink wherever you travel. Ideally suited for long journeys and commutes, the Scott & Lawson Travel Mug is specifically designed...

29.90 SGD
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