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Oil Perfect

Founded by organic beauty enthusiasts, Oil Perfect is a Singapore-based skincare company that focuses on creating quality, natural, and organic products. Our principle is that simple is usually better and everything you need for that perfect, pure glow can be found in nature. We work only with natural ingredients in their purest form, and stray clear of adding unnecessary ingredients such as fillers and thickeners. Every product is packed with genuine benefits for the skin, without harsh chemicals or harmful toxins. All the ingredients are meticulously chosen and sourced from Australia and the main supplier we work with is assessed and approved by the most respected ecological testing organisations in Australia.

Led by the love for face oils, we started with a simple premise, that is to omit the use of water in our formulas. Our whole range is anhydrous (waterless) and naturally self-preserving (requires no preservatives). Without preservatives, you can be sure that our products are mild, non-toxic, and non-sensitising. The highly concentrated anhydrous formulas are also packed full of vitamins and skin loving omegas. In other words, a little goes a long way; you only need a small amount of product to see results. Handcrafted in Australia, we make small batches of product each time to ensure quality and total freshness in our skincare, delivering maximum benefits to the skin. We are a cruelty-free company and are committed to minimising our environmental footprint in all areas of our business.

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