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Maison 21G

Armed with a wealth of knowledge from her 20 years in perfumery, our founder Johanna Monange has been working with various fragrance powerhouses as a scent designer and a creative director for world famous brands.

Thanks to her revolutionary technology, she is able to cut all perfumery intermediaries and bring high quality scents directly to the consumer. Johanna wishes to empower all to craft a perfume according their taste and the occasion.

Based on a study conducted by the physician Duncan MacDougall, our soul weighs exactly 21 grams. Our purpose is therefore to encapsulate the scent of your soul in a 21 grams bottle of perfume.

Maison 21G offers 21% of perfume concentrate – the highest in the industry. Because for something as personal as scent, you only want the best.

A Maison is the French word for home. We welcome you to our home that provides the feeling of comfort to be completely yourself, let your guard down and tell us who you are.

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