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Happy Cioccolato

Our founder, Jo left her corporate job in search of her purpose in life. After living abroad and traveling for 2.5 years, she finally found her “calling” when she came home – to be a health focused choco maker! After healing her severe acne through clean, whole food, she was convinced that “WE ARE WHAT WE EAT”. Because she can’t find a bar of healthy, no nasties, skin friendly choco, she taught herself how to make one! 


Happy Cioccolato, founded in Dec 2019, is the first vegan chocolate in SG that incorporates TCM concepts for health and beauty benefits. Our chocolates are freshly handmade from scratch in small batches – we grind our cocoa with cocoa butter and organic coconut sugar for more than 17 hours. We believe prevention is better than cure and so we only use all-natural, premium, plant based ingredients that are good for the gut and skin. We’re one of the few choco makers in the world that use coconut sugar for its low GI and the only one in SG that includes Ceylon cinnamon which helps to control blood sugar level. We believe in inclusivity and strive to be as allergen friendly as possible. Our guilt-free vegan chocolates are free from dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, refined sugar, preservatives and emulsifiers. 

Happiness in a bar is what we create and serve at Happy Cioccolato J (Cioccolato = chocolate in Italian)

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