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Burpps Singapore

Burpps is the exclusive distributor of Cookie Tree's Lac+, Hungry Hippo and Gourmet Treats in Singapore. Our promise - to serve delicious yet nutritional treats that you can trust for your whole family.

Burpps was founded by Adelia, a cookie and chocolate lover. She started her  entrepreneurship journey in 2010 by distributing cookies, chocolates, baked treats and souvenirs to clients such as duty-free operators, tourist attractions and theme parks in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Macau. With a growing number of friends and family around her having children, Adelia witnessed that the lack of breast milk is a source of anxiety for many new mothers while supplements or traditional tonics may be expensive and tedious to prepare.

As an advocate of breastfeeding, Adelia firmly believes that a mother’s milk not only provides essential nutrients and antibodies for babies, but also fosters an intimate kinship between mother and child. This led to a 2-year long journey of in-depth discussions, extensive research, meticulous tweaking of recipes and formulas between Adelia and her long-time business partners at Cookie Tree. The result is a lactation cookie that not only tastes delicious but is also packed with milk-boosting benefits!

However our journey in creating the best lactation cookie does not stop here. Our team comprises of R&D experts, baking chefs, and nutritionists dedicated towards creating and improving our lactation cookies through extensive research, discussions with lactation consultants & medical professionals, and feedback from our customers.

To date, LAC+ cookies have won the trust of many confinement centers in Malaysia (eg Amaby, Blissful Parenting, LYC healthcare & Kimporo) and our cookies are given to mummies as a tasty supplement to help them with their milk flow.  

At Burpps, our commitment is to continue to serve up delicious treats for you and your whole family, improving our recipes, and expanding our product offerings. Thank you for letting us be part of your family :)

Have a burppilicious day! 

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