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Singapore: Inside Out

  • April 22, 2015

    On The Road: Travel Essentials Curated by Local Band, Take Two

    Being musicians, travelling is part and parcel of their routines, especially when there are tours involved. While we are getting this piece done, Take Two, an up and coming local indie band, is already on their way to Beijing to charm their fans as part of Singapore: Inside Out's line-up. Before they got on the plane, these 5 boys have taken time out to choose their dream travel essentials from Naiise. You can browse them here.

    Click in and find out more about how this budding local band come about and how music plays a part in their lives. 

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  • April 21, 2015

    Inching Closer: Up Close and Personal With Inch Chua In 5 Minutes

    If you have been following the local music scene, you must have heard of her name. You must have at least heard a song or two from her, especially this recent one with Shigga Shay. You might have also caught her virgin musical act, 老九, with co-star Sugie Phua. If you still have no clue who we are talking about, this is where you will know more about the 27-year-old local singer-songwriter, Inch Chua

    We phoned Inch, who is currently living on the little island, north-eastern of this little red dot - Pulau Ubin. Read on and find out what's been going on in her life, who's her greatest inspiration in life and what's the next mountain she's going to climb and conquer. 

    Photo: CRISPI Productions

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