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Uniquely Singapore - 10 Iconic & Un-tacky Souvenirs

It is almost mandatory that one should bring home a piece of where he/she has travelled to in a form of a souvenir. Souvenirs can sometimes be a little tacky but thank goodness for our growing crowd of designers who have come up with good design and ideas, and injected fun into souvenirs. 

Browse through these 10 souvenirs that we think are both iconic, un-tacky and functional. Prints, food, coasters... Head in and check them out! 

1. Singlish Perpetual Calendar, THE FARM STORE


The lunar almanac calendar is an iconic household essential amongst Singaporean Chinese households, commonly used as a reference for auspicious dates for local rituals. This Singlish Perpetual Calendar is a modern and humourous interpretation of this archaic item, which provides a daily prediction to guide one's day in Singlish, i.e. English, Singapore style.   

2. Coins Coaster Set, LOVE SG

If functional and creative souvenirs are up your alley, this coaster set will be the one that you should bring home. Everyone needs coasters and this will make a perfect souvenir to remind you of the coins that you have been trying to identify while you were here in Singapore. 

3. Ta Pau Print, David Solzbacher

Did you learn the term "Ta Pau" from a hawker while you were trying to takeaway some chicken rice back to your hotel room for supper? If so, this print by David Solzbacher will definitely be the right print to lug home as an artistic memorabilia. 

4. Things I Saw Postcard, The Fingersmith Letterpress

Designed by local letterpress artist, The Fingersmith Letterpress, this postcard, including the Things I Did and Things I Ate Postcards, is not only a postcard to remind you of what you have seen in Singapore, but also a brilliant way to show your friends and family back home what Singapore has to offer. 

5. Kueh II Print, Lee Xin Li

In love with all the kueh you have eaten while you were in Singapore? This print by Lee Xin Li will definitely be a great guide or checklist of kueh to have the next time you are back in Singapore. More prints here

6. Embrace Me Cushion Cover (Tong Ah, Keong Saik Street), SCENE SHANG

You might have gone there for a drink or two at the bars around Keong Saik Street or eaten the yummy food from the eateries along the street. You might not be able to bring home the food and drinks but you can definitely bring home SCENE SHANG's cushion cover of Keong Saik Street and its iconic Tong Ah Building. More cushion covers here.

7. Sketches of Tiong Bahru Postcards (Set of 16), Arts To U

If you fancy the good ol' postcard tradition for your souvenirs, this postcard set showcases beautiful artwork of Tiong Bahru that you can share with your loved ones back home. 

8. Chilli Crab Apron, THE FARM STORE

If you are still dreaming of that chilli crab you were savouring, this apron will be a perfect souvenir to bring home. Look closer: this ain't your ordinary apron. Put it on and hold up the bottom of the apron, and you have the secret recipe to making your own chilli crab when you're home!

9. Singapore Sling Marmalade, Straits Preserves

Bring a piece of your Singapore Sling memory in Singapore back home. Sans alcohol and made into marmalade, this will be great for sharing with your friends and family. 

10. Good Morning Towel Drawstring Pouch, Indie Mama

Good Morning Towel: Singapore's favourite tea-towel brand since most of us were born. Sewn into a drawstring pouch, this is both meaningful and functional, making it an awesome souvenir to bring back home. 


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