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Bespoke Wellness, Imagene That!

By now, you would know that there’s nearly a bespoke series for everything – from suits to shoes to perfumes. You name it, there probably is a bespoke version for it.

Now, we’re about to bring a game changer - bespoke healthcare.

That's right.

Imagene Labs, a subsidiary of Asia Genomics, sets out to bring you tailored wellness solutions and products, based on your very own unique genetic composition.


You can choose from a selection of Ori tests: oriFIT, oriVIT and oriSKIN. Each one of them is designed to suit the different needs and lifestyles. These tests detect genetic markers that influence a person’s fitness disposition, nutrition and skin respectively. Once you’ve selected the test that’s most suitable for you, it’s a simple 5-step process before you get your results.

If you’re curious to find out how the hands at Imagene Labs turns saliva into wellness insights, here’s a simple explanation that might answer your questions.


First, your saliva is collected in a kit that will be sent to you, making the process a non-invasive one. Next, your DNA would be extracted from the sample so that the variances affecting different traits can be detected. Once they’ve been analysed and compared to other relevant reference genomes, an assessment report would be generated based on these results. From there, Imagene Labs would then be able to craft nutritional supplements, customised to your genome.


We know, it sounds all too scientific, but don't worry about it, Imagene Labs will handle the science behind it, while you will be given an easy-to-understand test report that straightforwardly reflects your risks and deficiencies. Together with the report is a set of wellness advice as per your results. With the combination of the two, Imagene Labs strives to bring you targeted healthcare for the most efficient outcome.


Taking the OriSKIN test kit, for example,targets 10 skin traits covering 26 genes, and these traits include collagen breakdown, dryness, antioxidant deficiency and sensitivity to sun. Let's say, if one's test results reflects that a person has a high rate of collagen breakdown, this would mean that their skin elasticity is affected. Using these results, the counsellors and experts at Imagene Labs can recommend dietary and lifestyle changes to help address the issue. Likewise, oriVIT users can purchase supplements tailored to their body’s needs and oriFIT users can participate in programmes at Imagene Labs’ partner fitness centres.


If you would like to start your bespoke healthcare journey today, you can click here. Tests start at SGD $351.








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