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Here Are Some Pantr-eats For Your Office!

The best part of the office, usually, is the pantry and what it has. At Naiise, we polish off snacks at lightning speed (no joke). So we understand how important it is to have a pantry of yummy snacks to help you get through your day at work!

Here's a list of irresistible afternoon delights that will brighten your day at work. You're welcome.

Chewy Brownie, P.Osh, $3.10

Packaged in a medicinal manner, this brownie is really apt for this situation. Sweet and easy to eat, this brownie will give you the sugar rush you need to hang on to the rest of the day. 

Kiam Kiam Karamel - Small, Crunchie Brownie, $7.20 

If you prefer something sweet to munch on, here's something for your crunchiederation. The team literally cannot stop munching on this! This GSS, we are selling it at $7.20 from the usual price of $9, what are you waiting for?


Matcha Green Tea Milk Spread, O'Sulloc, $18.90

Join the Matcha craze with our newest addition to our Matcha Collection. You can eat them with crackers or simply spread them on your bread - the possibilities are endless!

Blueberry Goji Coconut GranolaAmazin' Graze, $11.50

For the health-conscious folks out there, dish out your favourite yoghurt and enjoy it together with some granola! Top it off with some fruits and you are set for the afternoon.

Peater The Original Green Pea Cookie, Green Pea Cookie, $14

Another addictive snack we cannot have enough of, these green pea cookies are the best to be consumed in moderation because if you are not careful, you might just finish everything in a jiffy. 

Speculoos Cookie Butter, Poppy & Co., $14

You know how we like to eat this? Put it in the fridge (not freezer), chill it for half an hour, and eat it from the jar. You're welcome.


Sea Salt Chocolate Cookie Jar, Kith Cafe, $19.30

Don't be deceived by the darkness in this jar. Once you open it, don't expect to keep the cookies in for more than a week. We've tried several times, but we can never hold on to this awesomeness for too long. 


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