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Join us as we embark on a journey of Inspiring Creativity in a Glocalized World!

What's in #trend, my friend?

Here at Naiise, we're always on the lookout for great designs around the world. To date, we've brought in more than 1000 brands from around the world, amounting to over 15,000 products thus far! You'd think we're done by now but truth is, we've only hit the tip of the iceberg.

Here's a spotlight feature of our latest and freshest products at Naiise, coming to a store near you.

1. White Tea Candle, Twig & Co, $18

This is a no nonsense candle that smells exactly as it markets itself. The team had a whiff of their new scents, and we love this Farmer's Market one the best! Slightly sweet but not overpowering, we can only imagine how perfect it would be as a companion for relaxing in a soothing bubble bath.

Plus, with a low price tag like $18, this candle is an indulgent gift for yourself and your loved ones without having to break the bank.

(Image credit: Pintrest)

Once your candle has burned out, repurpose the glass jars to store your trinkets or give your succulents a new home.

2. Calm Your Tits Whipped Nursing Butter, Styx Organics Natural Apothecary, $20

Here's one for all the new mamas! Styx Organics knows breastfeeding is an arduous process that takes a toll on mummies, so they formulated this whipped nursing butter, aptly named Calm Your Tits, which aims to do as it says.

Apply a small amount and gently massage to soothe sore nipples and prevent cracks during your nursing period. Made with only three all-natural ingredients, this nursing butter is sure to be safe for both mummy and baby.

3. Pack of 3 Funky Trunks, Bundies, $85

And here's one for the dudes! This pack of ~funky undies~ includes 3 different underwear with bright and ~funky~ designs.

All trunks are at least twice as soft as cotton and perfect for those who often wear fitted jeans and chinos. With a no-sliding-up-leg design and super soft waistband, these undies will offer great comfort throughout your day. Created for an active lifestyle and daily wear.

P.S. All fabrics are sustainably sourced. Hurray!

4. Galaxy Chair Resin Pour Workshop, MAGICTEN, $150/single, $260/pair

DIY your own furniture with this easy resin pouring technique! It's pretty therapeutic and you get to create your very own contemporary design with your own colour choices

All materials will be provided (yes, including the chair!) so come with empty hands and a full mind of ideas!

This workshop happens on 16 June at 3pm so hurry and book your slots now.

5. Naiise Workshop Package, $399 / $699 / $999 / $2999

What's that we hear you say? You want more workshops at lower prices? ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!

Introducing our new kid on the block - the Naiise Workshop Package. Created for workshopaholics who frequently join our different classes, now you can save more with different passes tailored to your workshop needs.

If you're not sure which pass to get, here are our suggestions and #hacks:

$399 pass: for new friends who have just begun attending our Naiise workshops, this would be a great way to sign up for a few more classes without too heavy a (financial and time) commitment. Perfect also if you're attending a class with a group of 3-5 buddies!

$699 and $999 passes: for our long-time friends who are familiar with our workshops, and have keen interest in a wide range of different classes. P.S. we feel that the $699 pass fares the best in terms of value ;)

$2999 pass: perfect for hardcore workshop-goers or if you're planning to organize an activity for big groups! Or if you're just balling.. we're not stopping you. Protip: if you're looking for corporate bonding activities, this is where it's at!

PLUS: Enjoy a free gift worth $50 for the first 30 Workshop Package purchases. Never say no to free things!

Go forth and shop, my friends!

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