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That's Cap-tivating!

Putting on caps is almost like a daily routine, a daily style staple, and we like how versatile it is. Be it covering up a bad hair day or just to complete your street style, caps can easily be your go-to accessory, giving you no reason to resist. 

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History of Baseball Caps

Since 1850s, baseball caps have been a staple element to complete the uniform for baseball players. And over the years, baseball caps exist in various forms, materials and styles. 

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From the materials (such as straw) to the styles (such as flat-topped caps, cycling caps etc.), baseball caps have changed and streamlined throughout centuries, and proving to us that it is a timeless style to stay, making it an iconic fashion essential. 


Baseball Cap Trends

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The cool thing about caps is that you get to choose how you want to pair it with your outfit. Casual or dressy, you can choose the right cap to help you complete the look you want. Plus, it's a great way to hide bad hair days. 


Everyday Cap

Six Nature 6166, Madmatter, $69 

CAD 5 Panel Cap in Navy, Caveman, $59

Maroon Cap, Zephiires, $65

What makes it to the everyday cap category is something you want to be able to pair easily with, no matter what kind of outfit you put on everyday. The easiest and safest cap that you can put on effortlessly will be one that is of a solid colour. Be it black, red or white, equip yourself with one of these to minimise wardrobe dilemma.


Good Vibes Cap

Walter 5-Panel Cap - Tea PartyMokuyobi Threads, $69.90

Forest Cap, Zephiires, $65

Alder 5-Panel Cap in Canary, MBS MFG. CO., $79

How you dress typically speaks of how you feel. Keep the good vibes coming with the bright colours and patterns. Feel free to experiment and pair these cheerful caps with your outfit for different occasions.



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