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That Sounds Amazing

You might not realise this instantly, but if you were to walk into a space with no music, the silence might get louder and the awkwardness will deafen you within 30 seconds. 

Okay, we're exaggerating here. But hey, we just want to say, with quality amplified music, it helps to ease everyone in that contained space, removing hostility and sterility from the atmosphere. Good speakers, together with the right choice of music, can help to create the right mood for the right occasion, subtly gelling every element together to give you the greatest experience in whatever you're doing.

So be it for your next party or personal aural pleasure, here are some speakers you should discover and consider. 

CORE Wireless Speaker, Mass Fidelity, $899 

Perfect alternative to your traditional home sound system, Mass Fidelity , a successfully funded Indiegogo project, allows you to simply connect your mobile or laptop via Bluetooth to the CORE Wireless Speaker. But if you have a few more units of the speaker, you can connect up to 8 Cores within a 10m distance (within sight) to give you a beautiful stereo sound. Best part to it, you just have to press a button to connect them wirelessly. Sounds like a plan?

Megaphone Mini Matte Black, en&is, $430 

If you are particular allergic to technology and you cringe a little when you need to connect things up, this megaphone will be great for you. All you need to do is to plonk your phone at the top with the speaker pointing into the megaphone, and you will be able to enjoy the amplification. With the sleek and clean design, this megaphone can also serve as a home accent when not in use. 

Sound Piece, Happy Plugs, $329

The thing about speakers is that sometimes they can appear to be sticking out amidst the rest of your interiors. What Happy Plugs has done to Sound Piece, is that it allows you to change the grill, giving you the flexibility to change the look of your speaker whenever you change the look of your space.

*Note: All Sound Piece comes with standard black grills. Additional grills can be purchased here.

UB+ Eupho Bluetooth Speaker, UB+, $89.90

Design and made in Singapore, this Eupho Bluetooth Speaker boasts not only of its homegrown pride, but also of the patented ORCHAS™ Technology, which allows this speaker to have full-range point source sound and minimal external vibration, paving for highly efficient bass reproduction and the ability to have enhanced sound. You know what they say, small in size, big in sound. (Okay we made that up.)

Soundfreaq Sound Spot Portable Speaker - Black, Soundfreaq, $169

If you are just looking for a speaker that you want to whip out only occasionally, this one might be the one you're looking for. With a built-in rechargeable battery for up to 7 hours worth of playback, you can also plug in your phones and other gadgets and charge them while amplifying your space with great music.

ARCHT ONE, ARCHT Audio, $999

If you're looking for something a speaker that can do it all, ARCHT ONE , a premium wireless 360º audio system, might be worth your consideration. With a built-in subwoofer, this beast can help to power the music for your space with quality sound. You can connect to the speaker in all ways possible: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplay, DLNA - you name it, it probably can connect via that.



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